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Jul 17, 2011

WHISPERS: Memories to live by...

Some of my HAIKU that I have had written some time back in the Face Book Group Whisper’s that suddenly got archived without my knowledge. So trying to salvage some of the words that I have had written and putting it in another new group... WHISPERS click here to read some more 

If you like to know more about HAIKU, please read a feature I have had written about it... Click Here

Sea and shore
Pulsating rhythm - high and low
An endless coming together
Our soul songs of the night
Flowers into a milky way
Across our heart
The memory of her outstretched
Un-held hand
Aches all the time.
I know one day
You will get up and leave
Till then, let me make memories to live by

The below verse is based on a painting "Death and Life" which I came across in my recent visit to Belvedere Museum in Vienna where I saw this painting by Gustav Klimt was exhibited. This painting opened a new window within me to see a new perspective of my living...

Gustav Klimt's 'Death and Life' c 1910-1915
From Belvedere Museum - 3rd July, 2011

Sometimes, my thoughts whisper to me about life, living and who actually I am. Sometimes I am the mind, sometimes I am the soul, and sometimes I am the result of the past, living in ‘now’... sometimes I am nothing but just ‘someone’ who lives within and dares to whisper...

Sometimes when I wake up
I know that I am dead
And being dead is not easy
As it bleeds in ‘now’
In moment by moments of living
Foot prints of red
Tree lined paths of memory
Stretched from here to eternity
Ocean full of scents
Of past memories

I search within
For the life
Knowing it was dead too.

But being dead is not easy
It still pains
And I wonder, in all my awakenings
Why it still pains
when senses are already dead?
When thoughts are already numbed
Into silent screams of mind – unleashed
By constant throbbing of
This un-living;
Why still it pains?
And yet the question is

Who is this talking to me about it now?
Who is dead?

 Or is it ‘me’
The unknown
The unravelled
The one that can never be dead
Unattached, untouched and unscathed
An emptiness

A shell full of darkness behind light
I am that
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

This is the second week I am hosting Poetry Potluck on JP – a group of great and talented poets, who gather around to write something on a theme. This week it’s themed on “ART” and I am calling it ‘Painting Whispers’

This is also going to be submitted to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry – another online group of talented artists and poets...
click here to submit your own and read some great poets...

(This opens on coming Wednesday, so you will have to wait till then...)

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  1. beautiful poems, Shashi! congrats on being host for jp.

  2. amazing one,

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Could smell death and life in I Am That. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You had me at the first line, so profound Shashi!

  5. like:) it' is very very deep... this I like:)

  6. Dear Hope
    Thanks for enjoying my verse and congratulations on hosting Poetry Potluck. I am enjoying it all.

    Dear Jingle.
    The image of the beach is from Jagganath Puri in State of Orrisa, where Lord Krishna's powerful temple is located.


    I am happy that you liked it so much... and your words 'You had me at the first line' reminds me of the movie of Tom Hanks... ;-) thanks for appreciating and finding the depth in this verse...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  7. These poems are very spiritual & profound, Shashi.

    Congrats to you on hosting JP!

    Thanks for visiting me too.

    Have a great week ahead, my friend!

  8. thank you for sharing such beauty in words.

  9. I think the more we seek answers within, the more we find we hold the key.
    Beautiful, sad, loving and lovey.

  10. I enjoyed this poem immensley

  11. I really like "Memories to live by". When we know that something can't last, we can only live in the present as fully as possible, so our memories would be as deep and vivid when we recall. Thanks for your poem.

  12. What a lovely presentation...endless as the sea..universal...

  13. loved some of those haiku... beautiful, beautiful sentiments. of the first 3, i can't decide which i like best...

  14. Both pieces speak volumes, both are so well constructed. Thank you for sharing.

  15. the lines were fantastic and I have always been a huge fan of Klimt, his stuff is just unreal to behold

  16. This was really well written, Shashi. Your haikus are breath-taking and I admire that you are such a master of the form. But "I Am That" resonated with me - it fits the painting very well and speaks of freedom from attachments to this world, while accepting death as a part of life. Many kudos to you for your work and thank you for hosting the Potluck! :)

  17. Amazing poetry Shashi :)
    Thanks for hosting poetry potluck!

    Loved reading both your poems.
    Especially "I am that" , it reminds me of my post -

  18. Or is it ‘me’
    The unknown
    The unravelled
    The one that can never be dead
    Unattached, untouched and unscathed
    An emptiness

    Thought provoking lines. Thank you.

  19. Wow these two selections just blew me away the emotional depth, the pain. I loved the third stanza of the first and the closing stanza in the last poem especially. Really brilliant

  20. Lovely couplet of poetry you have given us this week. Both independently touching. ~ Rose

  21. Beautiful poetry, and you are the master of haiku....such a delight to read. Stirring & powerful imagery. Thank you Shashi

  22. I was just looking at that Klimt painting last night, Shashi--your poem goes well with it--the ending especially--death the onlooker on something that can never really die of which we all are a swirling piece. The haiku is lovely as well. Thanks for linking this up to dVerse for our opening.

  23. There is poetry in seeking. Very nice writing!

  24. Beautiful :) I can hear the sea right now, it always is an inspiration! :) Love the other poems too.

  25. I found this through the Poets Rally, but I also recognise the painting from earlier... I'm not a huge fan of haikus, but I did really love the poem beneath the painting... I hope that is not an offensive thing to say, it was not intended that way. Beautiful words!

  26. perfect poetry, thanks for sharing with poets rally.

  27. Found this also through poets rally. "The memory of her outstretched un-held hand aches all the time" -- this killed me. It's beautiful.

  28. I love the sea image and the words about it! Lovely Shashi!

    Here is my Rally


  29. Are there still beautiful writers as you? This is just awesome. Thanks for sharing. I love this.


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