Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Mar 31, 2013

HAIKU TEA: Session I - Walking By The Creek

SHARING HaikuTea - Linked Verse Inaugural Session March 2013
The inaugural session was wonderful and will be published in various blogs, forums by the members as well as will be printed as a collection by end of the year...

Here is the final compilation of HAIKU TEA collaborative poetry by the following poets, as named next to their verses....

To participate in the 'Ongoing Session II @ HaikuTea' please click here... 

Cut into pieces of
Being; Bridge across forever
Waits - for the Fall                              - (Shashi)
The end of time's illusion

Everything at once                                 - (BobHartwig)
Beautiful feelings, flowers
Touching twilight                                   - (CraigVolney)
in the Valley of the Moon

murmuring quail                                    - (JimmythePeach)
sings the tree over creek long flown
was it worth its life?                              - (AnnaLipniacka)
Yes, a moment in nature -

All is relative.                                        - (A. M.Frasier)
Fate contingent on free will -
Native impressions.                               - (BerteenaGaines)

Water reflections.                                 - (GabriRigotti)
Pebbles pelt disruptively.
Sky untouched -- intact!                      - (Carolyn St. Charles)
thunderbolts, lightening, rain

pound the earth like mad                    - (Gracy Dsouza)
with every trail of sparks
flowers in night sky                             - (Dicere Babe)
Twilight  came back to the man

walking by the creek                             - (Anna Lipniacka)
Compiled by Anna Lipniacka

To participate in this next collaborative poetry @ HaikuTea, please read the simple rules below… 

1) This is invite only effort, so you need to get invited. So leave a comment below to be invited.
2) You will have to have a Google Plus account and have to be a member of the Group Haiku at Google Plus
3) Once you are invited, you will be given a chronicle order, on the basis of your joining. You will have to write your linked verse, after a particular member which will be listed out on the HaikuTea page at the group.
4) At your turn you will have to write within 24 hours your own linked verse.
5) The linked verse have to have the first line as the last line of the previous linked verse and rest of the two lines you will have to create on your own.
6) You will have to follow the short form of poetry, preferably in the 5-7-5 Syllable format.
7) If, for any reason, you are not able to write your own verse within 24 hours, the next person in the order will be free to write his / her own verse, within 24 hours… and so on.
8) Each HaikuTea linked verses will go on till every member of the group has finished writing one of his/her own or if the linked verse has gone beyond 100 linked verses or a particular time limit which will be decided by the moderator of the HaikuTea.
9) The compilation of the individual verses will be done at the end by a person nominated by the moderator and/or the members.
10) Final decision on this collaboration is with the moderator.
PLEASE NOTE: You agree, by participating for this collaborative poetry HaikuTea Sessions, to be published in various blogs by the members (with due credit to each individual participating) as well as a final collection to be printed by end of the year. Look forward to your joining in the team…. Please click here to join HaikuTea....

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. ah sounds like good fun...
    and an interesting bit of collaboration...
    always a please to see you at dverse

  2. Thanks my friend, you are always the first one to comment on ... I appreciate your views..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  3. this is a wonderful collaborative process Shashi... beautiful!

  4. Shashi, I am interested in participating.
    Harley King


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