Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Sep 28, 2013

NEWS: Would You Like To Collaborate On A Book About Blogging?

The last one and half  month has been amazing for my social media journey. Won the prestigious award Indian Blogger Award 2013 for the things I am passionate about, "Religion and Spirituality" and then one of the Publishing House offered to Publish "A book on Blogging", which will be distributed across India by Landmark (The Book Store of Tata's). [The publishing house has scheduled this book to be published by March 2014 and I have to give the final manuscript at the end of Dec 2013]

After the awards announcement, as I reached out to many of the winners, I have been able to meet some of very interesting people from IBAward2013 during my travels to Delhi, Pune, Rishikesh, Dehradun and of course Chennai. It was a great fun, meeting them and sharing thoughts, our blogging journey and our experiences. Most of them agreed that it will be a pleasure to meet at a common place some time so working towards organizing a meet up shortly.

Another interesting aspect of our meeting was to share the above writing opportunity and seek collaboration. In order to make this book more interesting, I asked most of the bloggers I met, to collaborate, by writing one chapter of the book on a specific topic and I was happy to see that most of them were excited to be a part of the book. 

Now, if you are interested to collaborate with me on this book, by writing one chapter on specific topic of your choice and expertise. (All due credits will be given as well as an image along with brief note on the author of the chapter as well as social media links will be provided in the book). Please let me know, through my email ID, along with tentative topic of "blogging" you would like to write about.



नमः शिवाय

Om Namah Shivaya

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