Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Oct 8, 2015

CURTAIN RAISER BNLF II - Jeff Bullas Keynote Speaker

"To inspire and educate people to win at business and life in a digital world" - Jeff Bullas
At Blog Now, Live Forever - The Most Disruptive Conference on Blogging, conceptualized and hosted by IndiBlogger on 31st Oct - 1st Nov, Mumbai

The Blog Now, Live Forever is an event, which is carefully constructed from the ground-up to give you a front seat to amazing insights into the world of blogging!

Jeff Bullas is a speaker, consultant and an internationally recognized marketing blogger who is Ranked #8 on Forbes” The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014 among other amazing achievements but 5 - 6 years ago, he was unemployed with around 50K US$ in debt. Then he came across a post in HuffPost, which said if you have got inkling what to blog about, just start. Rest is history as the cliché goes…

And for the blogger in you, Jeff Bullas is conducting a workshop on ‘7 Key Steps to Blogging Mastery’ in second session on 1st November at the amazing “Blog Now Live Forever” (BNLF) event. This workshop is designed to teach you the core skills that you will need to master blogging on the mobile social web.

"Nothing like sun, scenery and cycling
to bring on happy endorphins" - Jeff
I reached out to Jeff earlier this week to know more about him. He is a keen road cyclist. Keeping fit is a big part of his being. He has a passion for learning, reading, marketing and technology. He said, “I have burning curiosity about the future. The blog is the intersection of those passions.

He says that creating his blog has been vital to develop writing skills and much more, as writing like anything creative needs practice. Writing authentic stories and finding the right topic to talk about, as in ‘trending’ both are important, but one needs to balance the tension between traffic and story telling. The key thing here is to maintaining your unique blogging brand voice along the way.

Talking about his own social media journey, he says, “I realised that the blog was taking on a life of its own when was nominated as one of the top social media blogs on Social Media Examiner in 2010. When your readers start to promote you then you know that something is going on. This happened because I was discovered by my blog powered by a social web. Marketing was my first love but my blog gave me a voice to reach the world and share my curiosity about the way social media resonated with people. I was fascinated with this intersection of technology and humanity.”

He had travelled to India earlier this year and he says that he loved the energy and passion for learning in India.

His mission: "To inspire and educate people to win at business and life in a digital world

His advise to Indian Bloggers: “I would encourage any blogger to think big, be global and be true to your purpose.”

“Creating an online digital brand means that your voice will be heard even when we no longer breathe. So the web will indeed create a form of immortality or legacy for bloggers.” - Jeff Bullas

So there you go bloggers, keep blogging and leave you with the interview on Jeff's own blogging journey.

Welcome to India and IndiBlogger, Jeff Bullas, we look forward to a great learning experience with you at BNLF  in Mumbai on 31st Oct - 1st Nov. 

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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