Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Feb 14, 2012

WHISPERS: The Journey....

St. Valentine’s Day for me means as the day of remembering those who have been with you on your journey for some time or forever. Who precipitated the essence of your living, into the seed within, that burst forth in flowering, as time passed by. Making the path of living more vibrant and beautiful for the travellers in your wake... so here I am again with some of my Haiku about the path and then a longer verse about the journey…

A visitor deep in contemplation
The Shore Temple - Mahabalipuram, Chennai

Path is ever present
In the forest of living
All one needs is an intent to walk
Unfurled the path
Where I had to be
I know there are many paths
To our togetherness
I just detest sound of silence

One of the beautiful sunsets at Zuhu Beach - Mumbai

Sunrise And Sunset
There was a formless emptiness
Before the universe burst out
Into being
With the sonorous song of love
The first Sunrise and rainbows of flower star

Yet the day was not far
When the seed flowered
Into the decay of living
As I know
The burden of my happiness
Stars could not hold

Black holes of silence
Began to eat
The intensity of light and my love
Emptiness prevailed
All that’s left of the sunrise
Is just an eternity of path
Not going anywhere

The path is not the sunset
But a sunrise floating eternally
Within the ocean current

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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“The Remembrance and Moon Haiku”


  1. Great thoughts. . . and the pictures are meaningful and relevant.

  2. the black holes of silence eating away love until it was a path that led no where was a particularly moving line shashi...nice haiku as well....

  3. I like that intent to walk...sunrise floating eternally...nice one ~

  4. Wonderful word play throughout, liked so many of the lines you weaved together, well done!

  5. Path is ever present
    In the forest of living
    All one needs is an intent to walk

    i especially loved these words. short yet with so much impact!

    kp writing and pour out the wisdom

  6. The 3 Haiku made my day. Rest is bonus. Wonderful read.

  7. Beautiful lines..and wonderful picture:)

  8. Lovely.... the beautiful pics are the icing on the cake!!

  9. beautiful beautiful words...,mixed in perfect sense...loved it...this is the first time i read ur posts and its awesome

  10. An esoteric and philosophical journey to the source, the beginning of all things - the path or the TAO, the journey of where life leads and it leads to a sunset in vastness. I believe it does lead to vastness, and transcendence. Your poems delve into mystery and find there fertility and existence. Essences delivered majestically, Shashi!

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  12. WOW! I loved the haiku :) Can you tell me how one writes a haiku? I am fascinated by it.Infact I googled it but just want to know the tricks of it :)!!

    I'm your new follower :)!!

  13. You've got a surprise.. Check out..

  14. Beautiful pictures and lovely poetry!!


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