Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jul 9, 2013

TTW: Commenting Is Dead

Recently I have been wondering why there are not many comments on my blogpost. Started having doubts on my writing capabilities and content that I am sharing with my followers. After digging a little deeper I found that though there are not many comments but my hit rate on the posts are going up steadily. From 100 per day to 1000’s (An average of 500 per day, and recently crossed 250,000 hits), its been going upwards. 
Actors promoting a serial based on Sherlock Holmes
At Bandra Band Stand Mumbai, India

So I decided to do a little research and found that I, myself, have not commented on the blogs that I like and read for quite some time. Digging a little deeper, I found out that I don’t comment there because mostly I do so on the Google Plus. If there is something that catches my eye, intrigues and interests me and its relevant to my readers, I end up sharing it with my friends on social media as well as commenting on the Google Plus, which is my primary source of information gathering. It’s a lot more easier and less time consuming for me to comment right there on Google Plus or any other social media platforms, from where I have picked up the blogpost, than actually commenting on the blog.

And that’s how, I think, that most of the people are feeling now…

I think commenting on the blog is slowly dying, because…
1) EASE: As most of the people share and promote their blogpost through various social media platforms, its easier and apt to comment there itself rather than logging on to the blogspot, wordpress and other blogging platforms etc to comment. This lets the person know that you did check out the blog post [even though some of us don’t..]. And its damn easy to ‘Like’, ‘Plus’ or ‘Tweet’on the social media platforms.

2) TROLL PROBLEM: Though various service providers of emails, has mastered the art of Anti-spam; but blog services has a long way to go. Infact trolls are getting smarter with genuine looking comments and its real pain to delete them one by one. Many of my friends have infact disabled the commenting on the blog post.

3) LARGER REACH:  Its actually far more interactive to discuss on the social media with large audience than the blogposts as there are more niche crowd on the particular topic one is posting about.



“Ignorance is not lack of knowledge, but knowing wrong things."
"Happiness is not in standing somewhere without a clue, but in knowing where and how to go. That knowledge, my friends, comes when you live in the present with awareness. And then remember to take the next step after every step”
- V.E.D

(In shadows of recent Bomb Blast at Bodh Gaya)

Went to that lonely
Temple again, Buddha smiled
Was looking for pain

The above image is from Bodh Gaya, where 7th July, 2013's 8 to 9 Bomb Blasts happened. If you like to walk with me to the serene Bodh Gaya, as it was before, click here...
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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