Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Mar 14, 2014

1ST EDITION OF 2014 - Shadow Dancing With Mind


After a long gap I am bringing my usual edition of the blog, where I collate all the posts that I have had written previously. I hope you will enjoy this one...

Last month I had a chance to meet one of the most famous writer from Chennai, Timeri N Murari, through our Sans Serif Book Club, where we had invited him to interact and share his personal thoughts on the books that he has written. This post is about the book which chronicles his travel to Mount Kailash, Heavenly abode of Lord Shiva, “Limping To The Center of The World” – AN AMAZING BOOK

I usually don’t read hard core fiction. Murder Plots are the last on my list of fun but when, I did a little bit of research, felt little relieved that there must be something more than blood and gore. The book seemed to be one of the biggest – selling Japanese thrillers ever and the inspiration for a cult film. And yes it took me by surprise and really enjoyed reading it. It was a good book, perfectly portraying the mind of a genius mathematician Ishigami and his college mate and kind of competitor, Physics Professor Yukawa in the back drop of the accidental murder of Togashi, ex Husband of the heroine Yasuko.

The three keys to become a published author…

There are many reasons; creative people of Chennai eagerly wait for the Hindu Lit For Life Festival that started happening annually since 2010. Some of them, are there to get their 'fix' of 15 seconds of fame by standing up and giving their piece of ‘Gyan’, instead of asking questions, or proudly claiming to be better than those on the stage and some are out right blatant, promoting their blog or whatever they do, crying hoarse that no one is listening to their pearls of wisdom. But thankfully they are less in numbers and are contained by the sheer power of brilliance that Nirmala Lakshman and Hindu Team, brings forward on the stage.


Rishikesh, one of the most serene and spiritual places of the world, has always filled my heart with peace and tranquility. This time, as there was International Yoga Festival, (1st to 7th March, 2014) Dev Bhoomi (Land of Gods) has a different color and atmosphere. As my younger brother has come from Singapore, so he thought of joining me from Delhi… So here are some of my impressions from the trip... through some of the pictures that I took there…

Hidden in the thousands of valleys, surrounded by tall, serene and mysterious Himalayan peaks, one always find some secluded spot, where all the nature focuses its energy of creations to manifest the power of supreme consciousness, in physical things, which the mankind can feel if not see... And one such place, I came to be in last November, is Tadkeshwar Temple.

When you are in wilderness, and come across a signboard like the one below, that has a Tiger's fierce face and reads "This Is My Kingdom", be very very careful. It was an interesting journey last November on the trail of wild Tigers and here are some of my images from the adventure.... Come lets get lost in the Kingdom of Wild Tigers....

Though I have had attended all of the Indi Blogger meets in Chennai, it was my first Indiblogger meet in Delhi on 28th March. Sky scanner Indiblogger meet became all the more important to me, as I have had the opportunity to present to a large group of bloggers, the idea of Indi Blogger for Social Action (IBSA).


After 7 years of making of the Shiva's Temple, based on the South Indian Temple Architecture - by the sthapati's (The builders of Temples based on Vedic Rituals and style) of Famous Madurai Minakshi Temple  at one of my friend Karuna's village, it was a pleasure to be there once again.... And this time it was to be socially responsible, as Karuna says... and we arranged Sangat Pangat event on the lines of the Famous Acharya Kishore Kunal, where we planned to have food with villagers without thinking about Caste and creed... and I loved it.

From the very beginning, Light house's have fascinated me and when there was a talk of visiting Chennai Light house as it has been recently opened for public at our Chennai Bloggers Club, I was ready to join with my handy camera..

Hope you will enjoy this edition... look forward to your comments and visit to the next Edition... please click on the “Join this Site” button on the right hand side top corner to follow my posts on this blog... I will be grateful.

 नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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