Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Aug 1, 2014

TTW: Thought & Haiku of the Week and Haiku Tea Session XII


"Absolute love is perhaps the most difficult thing to find in life for many of us, but it comes naturally to a mother. Because, a mother allows her caring to seep deep into her soul, manifesting pure love without any expectations. Whereas most of us build walls around us, with our needs, desire and lust; and we almost always wish to own and transform our loved ones."

"To really love, we should allow love to happen. Remember affection and care almost always transforms into love in depths of our heart and soul." V.E.D

A global creative co-operation of poets writing linked verses at a very popular Haiku group at Google Plus... The poets write one after the other, taking the last line of the previous poet as the link to thread their own creative output. The result is one of the most beautiful collections of verses... as below. I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as we all did.... The name next to it is the poet who has written those lines... To read the original session and see the process, please click here...

Soul prisoners search
A meaning of 'being'; In
Voids of love; Alone                                -  

Tears withheld from empty skies
under sullen summer breaths...              -  

a warbling chick
nothing but sticks, flesh, chirps, nest
the whole of one                                      

bathing in the distant flow
the ripples… they disappear...               -  

wandering within
foraging in still silence
gathering moments                               -  

an old, empty room pregnant
with memories                                     -  

that the bars cannot contain
love's fluidity...flows free                     -  

laughter of a child
a dirty, torn summer dress ...
captured memory                                -  

Safe in a bottle
Floating between images
Linked by counted breathes               -  

rising and falling like tides
forever chasing the moon                   -  

watching the night bend
and tumble amidst the stars
the cold black ocean                          -  

waves of memories lapping
ships in the night pass you by            -  

drowning tears awaken
the senses from twilight
island muses to ponder                       -  

once again the meaning of
Being, and Loving Freely                    -  

What is being free...
By my own definition(s)...
I'm a prisoner...                                   -  

To society's bleak cage
How to find self amongst crowds        -  

caged between the bars 
bruised wings of forlorn dotage
yearns to fly again                             -  

butterfly in sunshine- hating
walls every second, evading             -  

how light is the heart
that finds love without searching
soul mates hand in hand                    - 

we chart the ultimate course
sojourners in time and space            -  

until we escape
limits and predefined paths
to feel being one                               -  

To join the next session, please leave a message below or at my profile at Google+ 


Gopi's love...
Krishna unfolds me

Into flowering petals
Of sweet ecstasy

IMAGE: The wild plants of Vana Tulsi at Nidhivan in Vrindavan, where Krishna used to dance with the Gopis - the village girls, whole night which is known as Raslila. It's said that this forest of Wild Basilica plants still hosts the Raslila of Krishna every night...

To know more about Vrindavan, come walk with me to the place where Krishna's love flowered... Click here
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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Haiku Session V

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