Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jan 10, 2015

TTW: 3 Weeks of Transformation

A New Year Resolution – 3 weeks of transformation

A week contains full 168 hours of action, divide that into predefined activities according to your nature as well as your need and then, if you can act accordingly, you can transform yourself into achieving any thing and any kind of success.  

But the difficult part is…

a)     To find the right division of actions - a way in accordance with the natural process of growth
b)    To continue on this path for at least 3 weeks. 

Most of us draw up New Year resolutions, schedules and then give up within few days of following it. The reason for giving up on them is not that they were hard to follow but on the fact that the schedules and resolutions were not based on the natural growth process. Over the year, I have seen many schedules that are based on ‘over the top’ goal setting and superhuman demands from oneself.  Sometimes the activities that we end up putting into our daily schedule are even difficult to fit in within 24 hours of day that we have got.

Secondly, we don’t give any schedule enough time to seep into us as a habit. If we can stick to any proper schedule or activity for 21 continuous days, our mind accepts it as routine and it becomes easier to continue further.

To really transform ourselves, we must divide our days and weeks into hours of activities according to the natural growth process and should be aligned with our own comfort level of striving, in tune with our biological clock - specially the sleep pattern, Physical and Mental activities.

Here is one such schedule of ‘weekly’ activities that I have drawn up for the year 2015. I am sharing it with a hope that it might help you too, to find your own way towards transforming yourself…

you will have to tweak it a little bit to fit your own comfort levels and needs.
2) I have further assigned certain number of hours to each activities and if you would like to have a go at it, please leave me a message at (Click on) FB, Twitter or Google plus.

SPIRITUAL – 7 hours
A continuous way of living
1)     Spiritual: Time to think, reflect and meditate. Wake up early in the morning, as it’s the perfect time for reaching out into deeper consciousness. Start with 6 am, strive for 4 am.
2)     Tenderness: Live every moment with tenderness. It’s the process of living in ‘now’ with the things and people around; knowing, experiencing and interacting in caring way, with all the faults and goodness of it’s being. It’s love at its best.

PHYSICAL – 14 hours
1)     Exercise: Yoga, Walk, Sports or Gym. Do two things at least.
2)     Control: The Habit of any excessive bodily intake
3)     Relax: Take a periodic vacation from work, passion, internet, mobile phones or with a need to be connected (unless it’s an emergency)

MENTAL – 28 hours
1)     Stillness: Stop listening to the chaos of mind, control the thoughts i.e. bring the mind to dwell on one thought for some continuous moment. Be still, be silent
2)     Reading: Read one good book every month
3)     Creativity: A blog post or on social media or write the damn book
4)     Memory: To learn by heart - A saying, a poem or a thought every day. Learn a new language

PRACTICAL – 56 hours
1)    With Passion: Doing things that one is passionate about; dropping those that one has lost interest in; find the next passion to work on. Sooner, the better.
2)    With Clarity: In saying ‘yes’ to the things that comes on the way and also know when to say ‘no’ too.
3)    With Skill: Learn new things, new skill sets in day to day work
4)    With new things: Start something new - a new initiative; a new Corporate social responsibility; a new branch;
5)    Break: Don’t work on one day in a week

BIOLOGICAL – 63 hours
1)    Sleep
2)    Freshen up
3)    Eat
4)    Daily routine works


नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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