Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Aug 4, 2015

HAIKU MASTER: Yamaguchi Sodō (1642 -1716)

Haiku Master Series IV
A series on discussing Haiku Masters and their poetry….

Yamaguchi Sodō (1642 – 1716)
 A friend of Bashō, Sodō wrote one of the most famous Haiku of all time.

me ni wa aoba / yama hotogisu / hatsugatsou

A view of greenery,
a wild cuckoo,
the first bonito

It’s one the finest haiku where the seasonal word Kigo is beautifully used. Usually the classical Haiku has one seasonal word (Kigo) but this one has three, which talks about summer enjoyments for eye, ear and tongue. The small tuna fish, Bonito, is a delicacy as it appears first in summers, as well as the most famous of bird of summer, Hotogisu (discussed in the Haiku Master Series III) as the green pasture appears.

yado no haru / nani mo naki koso / nani mo are

In my hut this spring,
There is nothing –
There is everything!

A beautiful example of paradox, where you say something seemingly absurd e.g. in the haiku, you say you have nothing still you have everything. Here Sodō seems to enjoy his spiritual contentment over the poverty of the things in his hut, which has everything that he / his soul needs in his joy of spring.

ume no kaze / haikai koko ni / sakan nari

A plum scented wind
In the land of haikai
Blows triumphant.

Sodō, during a Renga session with his friend Bashō, who wrote this in reply to his 7-7 link

Kochitozure mo / kono toki no naru

Even for the likes of us
This is the spring of the age.

Celebrating the joy of the haiku poetry writing at the time.

Hope you have enjoyed this series, the next H M Series IV will talk about the most celebrated Haiku Master Bashō, please do check out.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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