Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Aug 3, 2015

35th Edition of Shadow Dancing With Mind

It feels great that Shadow Dancing With Mind has been awarded the “Top Spiritual Blog of India” and with Half Million hits I am so happy that all my friends have enjoyed what I have shared through the blog posts and specially 34 previous editions. So here you are with the 35th Edition, which has a new section Chennai Colors, showcasing amazing talent we have here. But the most interesting stuff this time is the History Of Philosophy  and my thought about…

As "Darwinism" became widely accepted in the 1870s, caricatures of Charles Darwin with an ape or monkey body symbolized evolution. For quite sometime, I have been thinking about the Darwinism - The theory of Evolution, as it has put some serious question mark to the idea of GOD, and this post is the result. (Read More...)

HAIKU MASTERS SERIES: On Classical Haiku Masters

A series on discussing Haiku Masters and their poetry…. This discusses the very popular and prolific Haiku Masters who aimed to move away from the serious 'Bookishness' popular in Japanese poetry in the 17th century. Sōin founded the Danrin school of Haikai poetry, whereas Saikaku created the 'Floating World' genre... (Read More...)

CHENNAI COLORS: Some interesting, creative and amazing people of Chennai… 
Creating music with only Drum Sticks...

During the course of our interaction, Music Director Paul Jacob invited me to a Drum fight at the Alliance Françoise, which he was coordinating. They call themselves Drum Fighters and could use anything like beer bottles, tennis ball etc. to create great music. (Read More…)

My friend Praveen is one such enthusiast, who got me to know there is much more to wine than drinking. (Read More…)

Noted Dance Director, Choreographer and leading Bharatnatyam exponent Smt. Anitha Guha. (ReadMore…)

READER: A Section where I share most important thoughts from the books that I read
What is the sound of one hand (clapping)?
It is probably one of the most famous Koan of Zen thoughts, written by Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1768). If you think about it, it might take you a lifetime to know but if you let it seep into you, while you go about your day-to-day activity, with unattached mindfulness, it might give you a sudden clap of enlightenment, what is known as 'Satori' in Zen school of thoughts. (Read More…)

I have been reading various books on Philosophy, trying to get the big picture out of the multitudes of volumes I have had come across. After decades of trying to catch up with Philosophy, now I feel that I have a little idea of what is the history, back ground, ideas of Philosophy and its progress through the history of mankind, but "The Philosophy Book" is one of the best one to ‘Explain The Big Idea Simply

Hope you have enjoyed this edition, look forward to your comments. Please do share...
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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