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Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 4, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: ‘Throne of Lies’ by Sara Secora - Young Adult & Fantasy Fiction

“SPOTLIGHT is a regular feature at my blog, started with a view to promote new and upcoming authors and help them to reach their target audience. And yes, it is FREE, however to be featured in this section, you need to go through a selection process, please click here for details.”
Peril never shined so bright.” - says Sara Secora, Author of “Throne of Lies

Throne of Lies’ is written by Sara Secora of Michigan - USA. She is a well branded Voice Over artist, who has turned her talents to the arduous task of authoring a fantasy trilogy. I usually don’t write about YA / Romance / Fantasy books but as I interacted with her for this SPOTLIGHT, I realised behind the seemingly carefree, fun loving façade, lies a passionate young girl who is taking life on her own terms. And that makes for a life wholly lived, which most of us usually forget to. Being a new author, she is fighting her way through unrelenting market of millions of authors of varying degree of talent, to which I could relate very well relate. So here I am, talking about her and her book, which I find rather interesting, hope you will like it too.

The story is based on the protagonist, 17 years old Princess Amethysta Serelle, who finds the royal life cumbersome. Even her mother conceals Amethysta’s mystifying secret from every one including her as well. As the story progress, she is driven to find some answers, which lead to a journey, littered with loss and heartache, while chaos lies in wait.

I saw beyond his attractively manufactured shell all the way down to the blackness that consumed his rotting heart. I wondered how long ago his soul had fled, for I was sure he had lost it.” - Sara Secora

She says that her real life usually seeps into writing.  The above lines were result of her personal struggle to cope up with a failed relationship. Even her love for visual art and passion for written words crops up quite often in the book.

I found something phenomenal about turning blank parchment into a story without even so much as a single word. Words were fascinating—no one needed to tell me that—but art held a silent strength, one that surpassed all language barriers. Nothing else quite compares to it. Such raw power was born with the creation of breathtaking imagery that you can only dream of—a space where surrealism and reality collided, blending into a perfectly executed vision.” - From ‘Throne of Lies

She says her story has a purpose in its creation. To tell the tale of a girl that transitions not only into womanhood, but also into herself. This coming of age story has a twist that makes it unlike any other and can resonate with those who read it. Another reason for her to write this Trilogy is to have an impact on someone, somewhere.

Even if it’s just one person, I want my story to stick with them and be something special” - Sara Secora

And as I read on, I believe she has found one in me with one of her lines from the book…

Art ignited passion within me; it awakened my soul and gave me purpose in my bleakest moments.” - Sara Secora

I am sure that if you pick up this interesting book to read, you will find something special for yourself too.

Sara Secora has a passion for all things she dubs gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, AviGaming. She is also a ‘well-branded’ Voice Over Artist.
Secora has turned her talents to the arduous task of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her stories are full of magic, humanity, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age.
Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.

My desire to write stems from joy. It’s exciting to create a world, characters, and story on a blank page. I am a huge fan of creative expression and I think novels are perfect for that.

Money. I had no idea how expensive editors were and all the costs that went with it. I am not trying to make money off this as much as I am just trying to establish myself and my story in the literary world.

“His lips curled in that sneer I detested. I knew better than to trust that smile; nothing but lies and deceit poured from those lips. His eyes twinkled charmingly, but I saw the truth—they were laced with menace.”



As a seventeen-year-old ruler chafing under the obligations of her bloodline, Princess Amethysta Serelle finds the royal life anything but enchanting.

With the realm of Vataenya divided by intolerance, and stained by a veiled and violent past, none take kindly to those who are different. For Amethysta's sake, her mother must conceal her daughter's mystifying secret from all - including from Amethysta herself.

Driven to her wit's end, Amethysta sets out on an unrelenting search for answers that will leave her teetering on the very edge of anguish and strife. With each harrowing turn, Amethysta encounters devastating loss, uncovers the mortifying unknown, and comes face to face with the calamitous heartache that awaits her.

She struggles for control as her once unquestioned reality is obliterated. All the while, an enigmatic blue glow sleeps below the surface, ready to unfold a world of chaos.

Sara says if someone told her to stop writing then she would likely not be his or her friend. That is a very negative thing to say to anyone who aspires to better his or her writing. She adds that she is an artist in many ways like doing voice over, youtuber, gamer etc. but writing gives her a creative expanse, where she is able to create a world, characters and stories that provides her with a creative surge that excites her.

I am a voice actress, youtuber, and creative soul.
I am working on book two of my trilogy, in addition to two other novels.
…and finally getting over some fears.

GENRE: Fantasy and young adult.

Alice in Wonderland - I have a large Alice tattoo on my left forearm to prove Alice is among my all-time favorites. I admire Lewis’s whimsical style and otherworldly take on things. It’s a strong influence to me and my writing.

Stardust - My favorite book turned movie. Neil Gaiman is a legend with the most whimsical and profound writing of this generation. The man’s writing talents know no bounds.

Harry Potter - Admittedly I am not the biggest Potter fan, but I do have the utmost respect for Jk Rowling and her story to success. Her story has been a big motivator for me as I take my own author journey.

Lord of the Rings - As a fantasy writer it only feels fitting that I mention this iconic title. The sheer girth of the story and the immense detail is one that can rarely be matched. I aim to bring even an ounce of this quality to my writing.

The Hollows - This series has really influenced me to write my story in first-person. I found Harrison’s story was fueled by the personal connection between the reader and the main character. It was something special that kept me hooked throughout the series.

– Written by Shashi 
CEO & Partner ICUBE Projects
Speaker | Author of “Songs of the Mist” | Haiku Poet
Writes India’s #1 Spiritual Blog “Shadow Dancing With Mind

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Om Namah Shivaya

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