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Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 10, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: ‘Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery’ by J.P. Willson - Self Help

Spotlight is my small effort to support upcoming authors in their effort to reach their readers. And yes, it is FREE, however to be featured in this section, you need to go through a selection process, please click here for details.
“The entire premise of living your life to this set of guidelines is just plain idiotic.” - says J.P. Willson, Author of “Through the Mind’s Eye

My author friend, J.P. Willson, from Canada, suffered with alcoholism for 3 decades which broke him into pieces, but he never let go of the life that had been given and fought on. The experience made him to rethink about life and the way of living and finally got him enough courage to share his story. Simply stated- he wanted to help as many others as possible. This was his purpose and drive for writing. He wanted to help.

The book ‘Through the Mind’s Eye is the essence of the recovery process.” - J. P. Willson

But also enjoys writing for its therapeutic value and the pleasure he gets out of it. If some one, whom he admires, respects and love tells him to stop writing, he says, probably he would and continue to his day job but then adds, tongue in cheek - does writing cookbook counts?

He like just a peaceful place of solitude for writing where he can be alone with the menagerie of his thought going on in his mind.

J.P. Willson is a writer and chef living on the western coast of Canada. Growing up as the shy, quiet child in a large middle-class family, he has always been an observer, a thinker, and a wonderer. He has worked as a Red Seal chef for twenty-five years, and is highly skilled in his trade. However, despite his accomplishments, his life has not been easy. J.P. struggled with alcoholism for nearly thirty years, which resulted in homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, and spiralling depression. Having done the soul-searching and continuing work required for recovery, J.P. decided to share his experience and knowledge to help others along their own journeys. Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery is his first publication. J.P. is deeply grateful for the love and support of his family, counsellors, and friends.

I think for me the biggest inspiration is just everyday life as I do prefer non-fiction as the mainstay genre of my writing. I write about things I know, things that I am involved with or have been a part of throughout my life.

From Other Book Cover
The biggest challenge was not so much in the writing of the piece but in taking all the information already formatted in snippets here and there, then having it all come together as one piece of literature that flowed and made sense to the reader. That was the difficult part, being as touchy a subject as addiction is, to format in such a way as it was an easy read, yet at the same time to not offend or accuse anyone that was simply looking for help, which was the initial intent of the book- to help others.

“so if becoming a Christian or a Muslim or a Member of the Spaghetti-Wearing Ding-Dongs of Alberta is not your cup of tea, fear not. It’s okay.”
“The self-realization of our presence on mind-exactly what it is we are doing and saying, and furthermore, trying to accomplish in the present-will take us much further in our future.”
“I see a connection- in stripping something down to its core-taking its bare bones structure, the parts that are seemingly tried and true- and re-inventing them from the ground up.”

Author's Sister with the Book
Depression, self-loathing, unemployment, and destroyed relationships: the effects of drug and alcohol addiction run so much deeper than the morning-after hangover. However, awareness alone will not save the struggling addict, as J.P. Willson reveals in his fearless examination of substance dependency; recovery means doing the mental and emotional work to look inside oneself and discover a way to live as a sober, fulfilled individual in an often challenging world.

Through theMind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery is a thought-provoking and honest examination of the emotional, psychological, and physical ways someone must enact their own healing. As a former alcoholic, Willson courageously shares his own story of addiction, as well the ups and downs he experienced along the road to recovery. Packed with astonishing insights about our culture’s relationship to alcohol, as well as the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep using, this book will change the way you view addiction. Willson has no qualms about telling the reader how difficult recovery is—and how there is no quick cure-all—but his compassionate, candid reflections help foster the knowledge and will to change.

When I asked him about the time taken to write the book, he says…

“When all is said, and done the actual sitting down and writing the main content was six weeks. To complete the book to the stage for publication was much longer, editing and cover design and more editing, and then some editing. Including all the journaling from which a large part of the book is derived would be somewhere around two years.”

Author's Desk
I am a published author yet at the tender age of fifty-one, I just graduated from high school last month-November 2016, that’s interesting. I am also a Red Seal chef and have been for twenty-five years this year. Having said that, the largest catering event I have been a part of was for 6000 guests.

One of the Author's Daughter
1. The single biggest achievement in my life would have to be the birth of my daughter hands down. Of course, I was not the one giving birth; it really is what happens after the birth that is the achievement. Raising a child is the most rewarding experience there is.
2. The second biggest achievement is my sobriety, which is what this book is about, achieving the sobriety and continuing that accomplishment for the rest of my days.

GENRE: Biography, Memoirs, History

I am also a huge Stephen King fan yet not in the sense of horror as the genre like most. I am also very partial to the likes of Sue Grafton and Kathy Reichs, not only for the story-telling by the pair of them but also from a scientific perspective in regards to Kathy Reichs. To pick just one I think would be inherently wrong, especially as a writer.

Two of my favorite books would have to be…

TO BUY HIS BOOK Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery’ by J.P. Willson … CLICK HERE.

– Written by Shashi 
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