Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 9, 2010

WHISPERS: Clouds in the Attic

Some Free Form of Haiku's on Rain
Deep forest shakes off its age
Dances with breeze, in fresh green trees
Rain drum beats, cloud gives thunderous clap
The pregnant clouds, sweeping down
From the mountain peaks
Forest braces for re-birth
Dark clouds have rained and gone
You smile, in burst of rainbow
In deluge of pain, I smile too
This poetry is one of the collections of poetry I am writing, called “Kalina” about a small girl and her world, her feelings her thoughts. ‘Clouds in the Attic’ was submitted along with 'Butterfly' to ‘One Stop Poetry’ for the competition “Through a Child’s Eyes”. The poem "Butterfly' was selected as one of the finalist. Click here to read to read the article…
Clouds in the attic

As she walked ahead
In her enthusiastic little hop, skip and jump - steps
I fell behind, in my own thoughts; old and aging
Yet keeping pace with her fresh world
That turns in, with a burst of rainbow
On every turn, flying like a butterfly
Across her little universe of wonder

Now she stops; the deep forest
Climbing up the steep incline of the mountain
Has her attention; complete with one hand under her chin
And I know, she knows what to ask,
With a sweet little smile behind her knit wool gloved little hand
And stump me with her wide charmed eyes

“Why those clouds are leaving the mountain alone?
Do you think Grandpa, Peakoo* will be happy without them to play?
Do you think they are coming over to play with us?
Can you give your extra blanket to put them up, in the attic for the night?
Grandpa, it’s very cold now, you know, they will shiver

Before I could think an answer and say,
“Kalina, lets go now, it’s going to rain”
She has already moved on
Playing with the soft cold breeze, moving up from the valley

With her hands out stretched, running, almost flying
Like the autumn leaves, that joined in to play, in her wake
 ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted to 'One Shot Wednesday Week 24'
Click here to read some great artists and submit your own..

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