Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 26, 2010

STILL LIFE: Kurisumala - The way of Christ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

To share the season of Holidays and Christmas festival, here is my journey to a great place of spirituality - Kurisumala in Kerala (India), which means mountain of the cross. This way, marks symbolically all the stops Christ made while carrying the Cross. This is a pilgrim center for Christians in Kerala. Many gather there during the Easter week to follow the way of the cross. Sculptures dot the way. At the top of the Kurisumala, there is a shrine with sculptures of Jesus Christ.

Hope you will enjoy this walk with me on this Christmas Day... 

The Christ on the cross and angels in agony

The start of the "way of Christ" the trek is up to
1100Mt height Mountain top
There is a monument at 14 symbolic place, where Christ stopped
when carrying the cross

Enlightening sun at the cross

One of the monuments on the "way of Christ"

Its a pleasure to see this young girl, happily walking
the way of Christ

This image is so powerful for me

The pain on the face, is more and heart touching...

The sun in the clouds over the hill....

The total surrender...

In the back ground you can see almost 4 of the monuments
of "way of the Christ"

Merry Christmas to all
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