Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Oct 3, 2011

WHISPERS: Love And Loss - Butterfly

Here are some of my Haiku (To know my thoughts about this beautiful form of poetry, click here...) and then one long verse “Butterfly” as usual about Love and Loss. The Butterfly I have had written for a competition and was one of the finalist to be published in last year Oct. I personally like this one as its about a small little girl, Kalina, who is on sick bed and have one window, her only connection to the world outside. Hope you would like it too. I am writing a book of poetry, about this little girl Kalina and the “Butterfly” is the second one in the series.... wish to complete it end of this year....

Passion on quivering lips
Tremble like dew drops, before falling
In eternity of kiss

Rolling thunder gathering
In the dark clouds of my mind
Memories strike

The ocean breeze carries
Silent cries of the night, to lovers
Far apart, entwined within desert spaces

The will to live
Is also the will to die
Look where are you going?

Submitted to Form For All - Haiku and Senryu at Dverse, hosted by a great poet Gay Rieser Canon... click here to read as well as add your own...

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Look, there she is, there on the window pane
A new friend from the dreams last night
As she promised to teach me how to fly
In sunshine and in rain

She is bright and beautiful, pinker than my ma’s cheek
Her wings have so many colors
Like the rainbow I painted last summer, for Pa’s Birthday
Before he left for the war, to make money for us to eat

Tell me butterfly, how does one eat money?
How does one go to the war?
I don’t want Pa to go to the war; I don’t want any money to eat;
You know, whenever I hug him, I don’t feel hungry at all

Oh! Butterfly, why are you flying away - so far?
Out side, the day is still full of light; sure you can wait a little more?
Ma will be back soon, from her nightshift, and will let you in
Don’t you see, I cannot; I am in the bed, too sick to unlatch the window bar

Butterfly, my dear Butterfly, you have teach me how to fly
I promised Pa - a hug tonight, I know where he “wars” now;
Ma showed me the other night, when she cried
“There, Kalina, there he is, the Evening Star”

You know Butterfly; I love him so much,
Much more than I love Ma,
Really! You must teach me to fly, as I have to go now
You see, my Ma does not even smile much
Shashi @ Oct, 2010

This is submitted to Poetry Picnic Week 7, which I am hosting. This week’s theme is “Love and Loss” Check it out to read some great talented poets and please add your own too. Click here to read and submit your own poetry…
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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