Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Apr 24, 2016

READER: Ink on Water by Shubhrata Prakash

While browsing through the Odyssey bookshop at Adyar, I came across the poetry book, “Ink on Water” about which I have had heard from my old friend Avi Prakash. When I started reading the  book, I was pleasantly surprised to find beautiful foreword written by another friend, Sanjay Pinto.
Image @ Shashi (Click here to buy the book)

Reading Shubhrata Prakash’s poetry was a refreshing change from the short and cryptic poetic form that I usually write in, i.e. Haiku. Her verses, formation of lines with its varying length made it more interesting. Sometimes with rhyme and some times with the sheer poetry of sound inked with subtle nuances, she has created vibrant and powerful pictures of emotions that she went through, while writing those words.

Her simple, matter of fact treatment of pain in ‘Waiting for Her - II’ was powerful enough to connect me with the despair, a mother goes through as her daughter is raped and killed. It was heart breaking, as I visualized her going through the meetings, while her daughter is not yet back from school.

Looking Back’ was another beautiful creation, which I liked a lot. Her words from the poem took me back to my own memory lanes and eventually lead me to believe that I was really on the other side, as the life passed by.

 “The leaves around me
have turned yellow-
wilted and withered,
I pick them up.
Finger their frail carcasses,
Briniging back to mind
their feel,
when they were still

-       - From “Looking Back

Shubhrata Prakash’s words are beautiful, refreshing and most of the times tinged with pain. Just as the ink on water gives hues to the clear water and makes it more vibrant and soulful, her clear thoughts are tinged with emotions that bring out the sense of dawn, as it breaks free from the darkness of night.

“Lurking in the corners, waiting, for just a trigger to strike
It comes back to life, creating an ocean of darkness in your mind.

And the battle continues, between the two, for your mind to reclaim
I turned around and ordered the darkness, Sign on the dotted line”

- lines from poem “Phoenix from the Darkness

Here is another lovely lines from the book as well as one of the many 'Ink on Water' impressions, which compliment the poetic form of her words...

Shubhrata Prakash was born and brought up in Patna, studied from St Stephen college - Delhi and went on to do her MBA from Xavier Institute of Management (Bhubaneswar). Worked with Lowe Lintas and Leo Burnett in Mumbai, before joining IRS in 2002. She is also a blogger, as she says, “…bIogging about things all around me. I also review books and movies. I also write travelogues and post photo essays.”

Image curtsy FB @ Shubhrata Prakash

Click here to buy Shubhrata Prakash's poetry book "Ink on Water".

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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