Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Apr 24, 2016

READER: The Other End of the Corridor by Sujata Rajpal

Recently I have had the opportunity to interact with the Author Sujatha Rajpal few times. She is a popular Author of the book 'The Other End of the Corridor' which details the despair and pain a helpless woman goes through an abusive relationship. Our Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) along with Odyssey Book store in Chennai organised a very interesting talk around the topic of domestic violence 'Sense and Sensibility. The thoughts presented by Sujata Rajpal, in discussion with another of our CBC Author, Sharada Vijay was an emotional eye opener for many of us.
During the discussion, she pointed out that most of the domestic violence stems from our fear to talk about it in the open. We hide it within, thinking what people will think, while she vehemently argued that we need to take responsibility for our own happiness and I could not agree more.  She continued that through Leela’s journey, discovering one’s own inhibitions and fears is the real story behind the book. For her the writing has been a passion, though to begin with she was not a writer or even a reader at all. But yet, the 14 years her journey started with some people who came into her life to challenge herself to prove. And she is still thankful to them for their presence in her life, which made her what she is today.
Sujata Rajpal in discussion with Sharda Vijay in the event
'Sense and Sensibility' by CBC and Odyssey at Adyar 
Sujata Rajpal
She gave up her rewarding career as a Corporate Communication & PR professional in an IT MNC to become a full-time author – so far the best decision of her life. Sujata holds an MPhil degree in Economics and has studied Mass Communication from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She also writes articles and short stories for publications and journals, such as Femina, Deccan Herald, Star of Mysore. Her short stories have been published in E Fiction India and Women’s Web. She is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys being a Toastmaster. She currently lives in Mysore.

The book opens up with Leela, in a dark corridor with an inkling of domestic horrors to unfold. This might be the beginning or the end, but it is still there… the dark corridor to pass through. And this is the sense you get through out the book, that there are still some more pain lurking in the back ground which keeps the readers hooked to the book, rooting for Leela to reach out to the light at the end of the corridor.

Image curtsy Sujata Rajpal
I enjoyed reading the book, which is fast paced with things happening in almost every page, so one can not skip any. Leela’s desire to become a Radio Jockey through out the book, act as an anchor, that makes the reader hope for things in her life to change from desperation and despair of domestic violence that not only her rich husband unleashes but also people around her subject her too, apart from the obvious mother - in - law. By their silence, even her own family deserts her, when she needed the courage to start a new life.
The writing is fluid, very well crafted with unique mix of middle class sensibility. Makes you feel connected with the characters.

“Julie barked outside as if she saw my virginity walking out of the door.” - a very interesting line from the book.

The email to Jai, makes her emotional outburst, very interesting and true to heart. The development of the characters like Jai, Harleen is life like, very sublime but rings quite true. Not every one is drama queen in our lives. I could relate to Leela holding herself back from ordering food, dealing with her day-to-day financial situation.

Her attempts to break the shackles of violence through out stands out and with introduction of her maid into her life, gives a sense of direction, before she completely breaks down in submission and despair.
It was a pleasure to hear Sujata speak at the event and
take an autographed copy...

Overall a book with a message of hope for all those people out there, suffering from inhuman treatment, specially domestic violence. I enjoyed connecting with it. Click here to buy the book...

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Om Namah Shivaya

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