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Om Namah Shivaya

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Apr 24, 2016

READER: The Real Mission by Pooja A H

"You are what you choose to be" and that exactly what "The Real Mission" is about.

I met the bubbly and vivacious Pooja A. H. - a 17 year young Author on the sidelines of an Author Interaction at “Just Books” Anna Nagar. She had come all the way from the other side of the town just to hear another author talk, which impressed me. At the end of the session,she caught up with me along with her Autographed book “The Real Mission” which I promised to read and talk about at my blog.
Image @ Shashi (Click here to buy the book)
To begin with, I admire her for courage to go ahead and get her book published at an age, where most of the young ones are playing in the confines their rooms on Computer or X-Box or whatever they call it now. It was a refreshing change to see her as a confident and proactive kind of girl, unlike the other children of her age group. Her enthusiasm about books, reading and to do something great in life, made me to take up her book to read next. I wanted to know more about her thoughts and ideologies through her book, which is probably the best way to get to know any author in short time. As I finished reading her book, I was happy that she did not let me down.  
The young Author (Pic curtsy FB @ Pooja A H Profile)
The Real Mission” is a lovely Young Age work of fiction and remains true to its genre. There is disjointed family of four different characters, anchored by their very practical and perceptive mother who fights every day to keep the family from falling apart as the sibling rivalry, bickering and individualistic ambition take hold of the growing up kids. It was interesting to see, the way Pooja kept all the students of the house, retain their starkly contrasting identity through out, even while interacting with each other or with their mother. Her language is simple and intricate at the same time as she takes off, from one scence to other by directly talking to the readers as the narrator of the book.
The story is fast paced, probably to ensure that the target audience does not get bored, typically the Young adults have amazingly short attention span. 

"... if she (Runa) could do anything other than texting, calling, shopping, dressing up and make-up, world hunger will be eliminated!" (Pg - 7)

So you get a story, where there is action in every page, bikes flying off, changing clothes on the sidelines, throwing teacher off on the ground to snatch the confiscated iPhone etc and then the ultimate tragedy. Although I felt that it was abrupt thing to do, without creating the back ground, but then that’s what makes it fast paced and unpredictable too.
A write up on Pooja A H in Deccan Chronicle
 "You are not what the society defines you as - you are what you choose to be and that you be" - (Pg - 121)

Pooja A. H. is a 17 years old student of Bala Vidya Mandir. An avid reader, speaker, quizzer, science and tech enthusiast and writer, whose debut novel is ‘The Real Mission”. She is a very passionate and patriotic person with global thinking, and an aspiring social entrepreneur whose main focus is on sustainable development. She believes that unity starts from home.

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Om Namah Shivaya

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