Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 18, 2013

STILL LIFE: Chennai Light House

From the very beginning, Light house's have fascinated me and when there was a talk of visiting Chennai Light house as it has been recently opened for public at our Chennai Bloggers Club, I was ready to join with my handy camera. It was looking to be one of the outings that seemed to be washed as by the time I reached there, it was cloudy and drizzling but ended up on a very informative and interactive note. As I reached the Light House at Marina beach, the serpentine que and the imminent threat of hurricane subdued my enthusiasm to view the city from an interesting vantage point. No one was there from the group and as I went back to my car, I spotted the friends from CBC and decided to wait for others to join us, as we sipped hot cup of Kaapi...

So here is some images from the trip, hope you will enjoy with me...


The present light house at Marina beach is the 4th light house of Chennai and one of the tallest light houses in India, which can be seen from 28 nautical miles. It was built by the East Coast Constructions and Industries in 1976 replacing the old lighthouse in the northern direction. The lighthouse was opened in January 1977. It also houses the meteorological department and was restricted to visitors. On 16 November 2013, it was reopened to visitors. It is one of the few lighthouses in the world and the only one in India with an elevator. It is also the only lighthouse in India within the city limits.
(Text Curtsy Wikipedia, click here to read more...)
The light houses of Colloseum and Alaxandria was prominently
displayed in Museum, at the Ground Floor.
The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the Tallest manmade structure
in the world for centuries.

Finally, we decided to join in the long que in drizzling rain, hoping
to get the entry, before it closes at 5PM.

While there were others who focused on enjoying the sea...

Though, Chennai Light house is the only one in India with a lift, every one
decide to climb it

And the iconic view of Marina Beach...

After the visit to the Light House, a session of photography and
visit to the interesting museum, time for a group pic

And some of us headed towards the sea...

And enjoyed the beautiful weather .... 

Chennai Light House

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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2nd Anniversary, CBC

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