Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Feb 6, 2011

WHISPERS: Another kind of Valentine's Day

A set of Free form Haiku

Night is knocking
At my door, where you are?
Need my dreams back
Waiting for the night
To fall; Waiting
To undress her cosmic design
Love me like
The river loves its banks
In eternal embrace, beginning to end 
Loving you has been
A search for meaning
Of my being

I had been through many upheavals in society around me. I have come to realise that tragedies tends to harden oneself and give some kind of immunity from display of emotions. This hardens you to the vagaries of life… which is sad …

When explosion in the German bakery in Pune happened in on 13th Feb, 2010 and I saw next day morning in a news paper, an image of a young girl with sadness writ large on her face, I was strongly moved and that image still haunts me. As the day was a day prior to Valentine's day, I am thinking about some lover's loss of love in this tragedy. I have not tried writing stories in my verse’s but here is one attempt to write a story about one such girl… who in my thoughts lost her friend in the bomb blast...

A follower of Osho, (at right) looks at the site of an
explosion outside a German bakery, in Pune on Sunday. AP

German bakery – 13th Feb, 2010; Pune

Another Valentine’s Day

The stark morning lights
Of terror strike
Dug deep into soul through her eyes
One by one the tears dropped
Deep in her heart
 German bakery burned in the night

A camera flashed
Framing streaks of pain
Dried up on her face
And captured the essence of human loss
For morning breakfast news
Unmindful, untouched, insensitive
Of her thoughts

As she held on to his hand
Walked a little distance
From the prying camera lenses
And the pain within her
Brought back her senses
Into her tormented

Within the confines of Osho Ashram
She stopped
Slowly her breathing returned
She looked at him,
Searching for words
Deep into his eyes
And said
“Where were you?
Did you forget our valentine date?
Thank God you did not come and I was little late”

As he held her shoulder
Waiting for her to calm down
Facing, her at last, in his own desert spaces
“I promise to meet you, my darling
In another life time,
This time I will also come little late”
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted to One Stop Poetry for ‘One Shot Wednesday WK – 32


  1. such sadness in our world, it sometimes drags one did a wonderful job capturing the mood of the photo my friend.

  2. i really like that 3rd simply puts the essence of love...the depth and longevity...

  3. Another great batch, Shashi. It's the first couple haikus that really do it for me this week, though - the first because it makes me think of the insomniac inside myself (lying awake, staring at the ceiling going - come on, night, give me dreams already), while the second for its saucy bit of passion - and underlying sensuality of cosmic lovers.

    As to the is a tragedy that such terrors and tragedies must rock our world. Bombs and bombers peel apart friends and lovers, and the cameras circle, waiting for the look, the tears, the anguish...and the world just keeps on going...

  4. Great haiku, and I agree with Brian - that 3rd is wonderful.

  5. WOW! This was extremely well done and brought back a few memories of my own as a soldier. This is real; it’s sensitive and invokes a deep passion on many levels. Thank you!

  6. my fav was the first haiku...need my dreams back..spoke to me

  7. I also found your haikus meaningful and personal(especially the one about wanting the dreams back,) but I liked your story poem as well. You managed to keep your flowing style of a river of words, and the human drama was enriching as well as sad. You always give us so much on Wednesdays, Shashi...thank you.

  8. Beautiful words, beautiful tribute :)

  9. You have such a wonderful gift, I love your writing my friend!

  10. I love both poems...loving like the rivers embrace...beautiful and the second...another time...lovely writing take us over many lifetimes and dust us with love and bits of wisdom....nice..bkm

  11. Oh my gosh, Shashi, the poem was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes... you have written it in a manner which evokes the deepest feelings from the reader...
    It's simply beautiful!!! I just cannot find the right words to describe how much I liked it!!!
    All I can say is (sigh).. WOW!

  12. Your heart is so true, radiantly coming through in your writing. Beautiful work.

  13. Beautiful poetry. So thoughtful and socially conscious! Thanks for writing!

  14. Shasi the second haiku was my favourite.
    Beautiful work.


  15. I connect with the story poem ... the day before Valentines!

  16. Two such different poems. Both invoke such emotion. Powerful and beautiful!

  17. I really liked the third haiku, wonderful imagery and beautifully worded. The poem was very powerful, you can tell how much you were touched by her expression of grief.

  18. I loved the 2nd and 3rd haiku especially-- so much meaning in so few syllables. Beautiful.


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