Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Nov 23, 2011


Some of my HAIKU on suffering and then a long verse about life “Sighs...?” I believe that sometimes we cherish pain and selfishly hold on to it till it becomes intrinsic part of our soul... Love has that effect in leaving... in emptying...

A lonely tree in a village near Varanasi

Suffering is you
Left to die alone, in the desert spaces
Of memories - in past

Suffering is not
The actuality of pain
It’s just an image of memories

From seeds of suffering
That universal feeling of love
Flowers forth

Common Man by Cartoonist R K Laxman at Worli Sea Face Mumbai - India


As emptiness seeped
Into my being
A sweet selfishness of living
And it took roots
Dig deeper into my soul

A red earth tempered by
- Dark blood of dying memories
- Fallen leaves of decaying past
One by one, withered branches
Of love crashed
On this emptiness of now

Trees, wind and the sky
All immersed in me
Pain flows; rivered in earth of living
Sounds of silence reach out from the last kiss
Echoes of your name
Sighs of dying breath

If you want to flower love
Then you need to sow
Seeds of pain
Shashi @ Nov 2011
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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Where Will You Go...?

Nov 16, 2011

WHISPERS: Where You Will Go...?

Hope you will enjoy some of my HAIKU and then a long verse about life “Where You Will Go...?” 
I believe that we are not living in now, as our mind is not capable of perceiving it as it is always busy experiencing, accumulating memories and then translating the present according to it...

Thekadi Lake in Kerala - God's Own Country

Trees, wind and the sea
All immersed in me
Love rivers the life in living

Do you now know?
Your soul flowered in me, as you planted
Seeds of love on my lips

I have always been
Selfish of my pain
Comforts of your going away

Varanasi Ghat...
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Sunset melted into the darkness of lust
Softly extinguishing the twilight of passion
Night fell hard all over the cosmic design

Oh Yes! no one is there
Within the tapestry of hungry desires
Within the cosmic fabric of darkness and of endless memories
If this is what we are - nothing,
Just dark desires of endless nights
Then why do we even attempt
To be in this flow of life, that rivers
All across memories, from beginning to the end

A deep sigh escaped, on the wings of moon light
Some stars tear dropped, on the ripples
Of dry river bed of past; ‘now’ just flowed on and on

What do we understand,
When all that our mind is capable of,
Is knowing only its past and then colouring
All that is ‘now’ with memories 
Stale dry and dirty of just experience.
Where and why do we understand - only
Lust, desire, passion, fear, ambition...
Insecurity... What is actually all that?

He was alone playing with his memories, coarse fingers
Prodding the little waves of the river, that came along talking
Releasing his past to be free, slowly nudging them to flow away

How this life can be different than
This or that universe…
This living or that past life, or the life coming to be
I agree.. You have actually
Messed it up with the priests, religion
With a mind that’s playing magic of time
Which is nothing but a sleight of sense’s hand,
Or quirks of future fate; you are just not staying in...

One by one, all past left, experience emptied itself
In the flow of not knowing what was; naked and alone
He stood up, to walk into the depths of ‘now’

Where you will go?
Free at last of living, probably the right place is within you
Dream, search and hold it in this flow…

Shashi @ Nov 2011
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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Tears In The Rain                                                          Sighs

Nov 6, 2011

20th Edition of Shadow Dancing With Mind

Welcome to 20th Edition of “Shadow Dancing With Mind”. This Edition has the following topics.

The section gives you insights of some of the people I have had a chance to meet, interact or have read about that have made a deep impression on my thoughts and feelings...

Recently I came across an artist, whose paintings made me think about Salvador Dali. Vladimir Kush’s painting style hits you with a new vision, color and ideas about the things he paints about... just like the Dali...

When we look back at our life and question ourselves... where we are going, what are we doing and what this life is all about... etc, we don’t really have a clear cut answer? We rationalize, we wonder and sometimes we doubt if we are doing anything at all. Or we are just hollow and empty shell trying to fill our existence with possessions, belongings, ideologies, beliefs etc...

Some of the things that is happening around me, as I get into the daily grind of my life every day, which has made to stop and then think....

My younger brother send me this wonderful talk “How Will You Measure Your Life” given by Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen to the graduating class of 2010 on their request to address them, “not on how to apply his principles and thinking in their post HBS careers but how to apply them to their personal life.” ...

Some days back, I woke up to read that Mahan Maharaj of Belur Math won the highest honor of mathematics in India "Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award". Mahan Maharaj is a Monk at Belur Math in Kolkata, set up by another great spiritualist, Swami Vivekananda. ...

First day of Hindu Literary Festival 2011 – Chennai
I have been waiting for the Hindu’s Lit For Life 2011 - Chennai – A literary festival spread over two days i.e 29thOct and 30th Oct. Cancelled all my activities for these 2 days and focussed on only one thing, to find out for myself what the great writers are made of? 

Second day of Hindu Literary Festival 2011 – Chennai: 2nd Day of Hindu Literary Festival and the winner is ...  It was a pleasure to see a very talented and humble person and a new friend,Rahul Bhattacharyawinning The Hindu Literary Prize for Best Fiction 2011' for his lovely book “The Sly Company of People Who Care”. 

A place where I take you with me to a journey through my impressions and pictures that I have had taken...

I am sharing in this post some powerful spiritual energy sources in India associated with Goddess Durga and Laxmi, that has made a strong impression on me. Sharing  also some of my impressions of Diwali from past year... But before that, let me introduce my friends from abroad to this important festival of light...

I have had met Renie Revin almost a year back at one of the Social Media meet organised by another good friend. Renie's talk interested me to get on to the IndiBlogger and share thoughts with another passionate bloggers from across the world...  and last sunday, it was the first time I attended the blogger meet. It was a great journey from being a individual blogger for personal satisfaction to connecting with like minded people from all walks of life.... 

A section where I post my poetry, Haiku and verse’s about love, life and living....

Some of my free form Haiku to begin with and then my dedication to the powerful style of poetry reading by a great author Vikram Seth, hope you would like it...

Some of my Haiku about yearning and then a long verse ‘Wet and Sandy Beach’ on a subject that some (including me) consider taboo...

It’s raining in Chennai and I love rains... It brings me close to nature as well as it feels as if some sadness is being released from my inner depths... so here I am with my thoughts about it and some of my Haiku related to it....
Hope you will enjoy this edition... look forward to your comments and visit to the next Edition... please click on the “Join this Site” button to follow my activities here...


Shashi @ Nov 2011

नमः शिवाय

Om Namah Shivaya

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19th Edition of Shadow Dancing..

WHISPERS: Tears In The Rain....

The latest haiku and the long verse... ‘Tears In The rain’

The flowers of my garden...

Tears needs to be bled
Before pain can
Flower, in silent words

If you want to flower love
Then you need to...
Sow seeds of pain

Any one who loves
Does not have words to say
Who have; do not love

Worli Sea Face in Mumbai - India

Is it all lost?
Those tears in the rain
As I shed my past, since you flowed away
Into the river of living;
It carries 'it' into the ocean
To make it
A little rich of salt?

Is that eternal ocean
Clear of its ‘being’ the only one
Purifying all the polluted streams - an end?

You know my pain is capable
Of ‘being’ too
As blue
As the blue ocean
As still as the froth
Of the waves
But has it's dark sides... too
It becomes red, and bleeding red, as I still
Continue to tear memories of past, drop by drop

I lie as dead, 
as alive as in your arms
As alive as I can be, in all encompassing cold death

And rain goes on and on, raining...
And it rains forever,
From my thoughts
My memories, my past
In deep depths of my emotions
Off love, lust and passion...
And I continue to die of past,
Till I burst forth in living

I cry out in pain, of pain
Dead among suffering, for the reason I don’t need you
For my death - I just need me?

And tears run burning lines
Across my cheek, that
The universe of cloudburst couldn't flood
Dark grey clouds of thunder could not see
Those cries of my heart...
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Why are you not here with me?

And tear drops continue to merge with the rain
And the pain; Salt crystals of ocean scent
Continue another journey, seeking forever...

Where are you in this eternal journey of ocean current?
Shashi @ Nov 2011
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

Nov 2, 2011

WHISPERS: Fire, Faayar, Faayaar... Dedicated to Vikram Seth

Some of my free form Haiku to begin with and then my dedication to the powerful style of poetry reading by a great author Vikram Seth, hope you would like it...
Morning Blossom by Vladimir Kush
A Surrealistic painter, Click here to see more...
Death is beautiful flower
Flowering in emptiness
Utterly naked in being
Your pain is not
The result of my love
But of my possessiveness
Love is the process
Of self revelation
In her eyes

Last weekend, I was attending the literary festival, (where my friend Rahul Bhattacharya was awarded The Hindu Literary Prize for Best Fiction 2011), I came across many giants of Indian Literature as well as some great names from abroad. It was an amazing experience throughout the days but the recitation of poetry, “FIRE” by Vikram Seth from his new book, “Rivered Earth” captured my imagination and touched me deeply. Vikram Seth is an amazing writer, who has enthralled the world with his creative genius, with books like "A suitable Boy", "The Golden gate". "An Equal Music" etc. As he came up on the stage to talk with Nisha Susan from Tehelka Channel, I did not have any inkling that he will set the stage on fire.
Vikram Seth at Hindu Literary
Festival Chennai 2011

To start with, he was sitting while chatting with Nisha and reading his poetry, but when he started reading his final verse ‘Fire’, slowly got up and walked on to the front of the stage... softly raising his voice almost to the level of a war cry... with word ‘fire’ menacingly leaping out of his mouth, transformed into Faayar... Faayaar.

The poetry below is about that moment when Vikram Seth’s whole being was consumed by the fire of passion and creativity...

Vikram Seth breathing fire....

Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

There was no fire
But then there was passion
A complete consuming desperation...
With its flickering flame of desire
From here to eternity
In thoughts
More so in the vision of
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

And it engulfs you in its crescendo
The music of burning deep within desire 
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

And there he was
Completely enflamed in the vision
His long forehead
To his thinning hair
Slowly his desperate cries took roots
Into the earth within
And he himself buries himself in...
In the flames of passion
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

What I was thinking
Or whether even I was...
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

As he rose, like a phoenix, from ashes
Of desire, a full throated war cry
In his most unobtrusive way
And captured
The essence of life
In being; and I saw
The place is on....
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

Ferocity, in her own trembling
Hands, fumbling to capture desire
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar....
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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Wet and Sandy Beach
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