Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Nov 16, 2011

WHISPERS: Where You Will Go...?

Hope you will enjoy some of my HAIKU and then a long verse about life “Where You Will Go...?” 
I believe that we are not living in now, as our mind is not capable of perceiving it as it is always busy experiencing, accumulating memories and then translating the present according to it...

Thekadi Lake in Kerala - God's Own Country

Trees, wind and the sea
All immersed in me
Love rivers the life in living

Do you now know?
Your soul flowered in me, as you planted
Seeds of love on my lips

I have always been
Selfish of my pain
Comforts of your going away

Varanasi Ghat...
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Sunset melted into the darkness of lust
Softly extinguishing the twilight of passion
Night fell hard all over the cosmic design

Oh Yes! no one is there
Within the tapestry of hungry desires
Within the cosmic fabric of darkness and of endless memories
If this is what we are - nothing,
Just dark desires of endless nights
Then why do we even attempt
To be in this flow of life, that rivers
All across memories, from beginning to the end

A deep sigh escaped, on the wings of moon light
Some stars tear dropped, on the ripples
Of dry river bed of past; ‘now’ just flowed on and on

What do we understand,
When all that our mind is capable of,
Is knowing only its past and then colouring
All that is ‘now’ with memories 
Stale dry and dirty of just experience.
Where and why do we understand - only
Lust, desire, passion, fear, ambition...
Insecurity... What is actually all that?

He was alone playing with his memories, coarse fingers
Prodding the little waves of the river, that came along talking
Releasing his past to be free, slowly nudging them to flow away

How this life can be different than
This or that universe…
This living or that past life, or the life coming to be
I agree.. You have actually
Messed it up with the priests, religion
With a mind that’s playing magic of time
Which is nothing but a sleight of sense’s hand,
Or quirks of future fate; you are just not staying in...

One by one, all past left, experience emptied itself
In the flow of not knowing what was; naked and alone
He stood up, to walk into the depths of ‘now’

Where you will go?
Free at last of living, probably the right place is within you
Dream, search and hold it in this flow…

Shashi @ Nov 2011
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. always inspired when i come to visit. thank you.

  2. Great verse, very nice job with the haiku too!

  3. Shashi - I am never disappointed when I visit
    I am swept away into a world of thought and contemplation - words like the river carry me

    Thank you my friend I have missed you

  4. nice...that last haiku is great...filled with feeling...and how we deal with our sorrow and loss...i realy like your long verse as well...a couple of fav lines as they hold truth...

    What do we understand,
    When all our mind is capable of
    Is knowing its past and then colouring
    All that is ‘now’ with memories

  5. For 3 years I lived in a shanty boat on the Ohio River, and found many lessons the river was willing--anxious--to teach me.

    One lesson: there is no such entity as 'time'. Everything happened in the wink of an eye, at the singular "thought-command" of a creator. So that relieves me of concern about past, present, or future.

    You write well, and yes, from what I read, you DO live in God's country!

    I pray there is PEACE somewhere in the Master's eye-blink. At least, for you and I--PEACE!

  6. planting seeds of love on lips...hmmm...nice and great imagery, feeling and questions in the other one...If this is what we are - nothing,
    Just dark desires of endless nights.. shivers..

  7. A great journey in this poem...truth to ponder on.
    A beautiful write. I loved reading it.

  8. Shashi--your haiku are lovely and your longer poem has beautiful lines and wisdom. I also love your photos! I've been to both Kerala and Varanasi. Thanks for sharing.

    Also thanks for your kind comment on my post. My father also has Parkinsons. K.

  9. Beautiful words with a strong message to live in the moment.

  10. What a beautiful, serene lake in the photo! And the words are lovely too in their reflective questioning and subtle guidance.

    What do we understand,
    When all that our mind is capable of,
    Is knowing only its past and then colouring
    All that is ‘now’ with memories

    So true, until we do go within... and then we can truly blossom out.

  11. @emporesskelee Thank you and I hope to continue inspiring you….

    @Pat Hatt, I am glad that you liked my verse specially the Haiku…

    @Leslie, it was a pleasure to see you here my dear friend and I am happy that my words meant something to you…. The thoughts there are the one's that I hold very dear to me and make me what I am ….Oh Yes I have missed you too my friend…

    @Brian, its always a pleasure to see your comments on my words and you as usually never miss to visit. I am grateful for that. The long verse is an essence of my thoughts … developed over the years of contemplation…

    @Steve, river I believe carries lots of energy and can give you lots of things to think about. I don’t know if you have read the book "Siddharth" by Herman Hesse but your life on the Ohio river seems to be a part of it… This book is about the thoughts and philosophy of Buddhism... Yes the true revelation happens when the mind looses its sense perception as it only confuse the reality of now with colors of past... Yes Kerala is one of the most green states of India

    @Claudia, thanks for liking it… and yes when you think of the long endless nights of non-living… it does give me shivers too….

    @Ayla thanks for liking it.

    @Manicddaily, I am happy that you liked it. I am sorry to hear about your father and yes parkinson makes the loved one's suffer long time of despair and helplessness. Where you are from and when did you visit… these are two great places in India…. One for its natural beauty and the other for its spiritual ...

    @Laurie Kolp Thanks for liking this one…

    @Turtle Memoirs Thanks for liking this one…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  12. as always, i just love your haiku. the second one for me today was just absolutely perfect. :) thank you.

  13. "All immersed in me"

    Love that line. In fact, love all the haiku. The way you blend imagery into emotion is lovely. =)

  14. Wonderful reflections, lovely to read and explore with you.

  15. Inspiring write, Sir!
    So many lovely phrases,captivating.

  16. Oh Yes! Beautiful as always...

  17. Really nice work here, Shashi. we are but what we are, creatures of lust, ambition, questioning, and every other good and bad thing that makes us a thinking being. Until we can see the now for what it is, we are a prisoner of our illusions. I esp. liked this line "With a mind that’s playing magic of time/ Which is nothing but a sleight of sense’s hand..."
    Great poem(s), haiku and photo, as well.

  18. Your haiku are always top notch, Shashi. Youare a master at saying much with so few words.

    The long verse was also a pleasure to read. Makes me want to go away somewhere far to meditate :)

  19. A marvelous exploration

    Arron Shilling

  20. Lovely share, I like the second haiku best. As to the present and now, its all we have and to hold.

    Also, thanks for your comments in my blog. I appreciate your support.

  21. Your words never fail to touch that deepest space of knowing within me. So refreshing to connect with you through your beautiful, insightful writing and wonderful photos. I am transported there...

  22. There is so much more to us than we even think we know. Some of us are beginning to 'wake' up but, it's so difficult to learn when we have to learn to surrender our own ego, our will that drives us to be, to do. and yet, it is the key to begin understanding.
    Lovely thought. Shashi

  23. The 2nd haiku in particular is incandescent. I appreciate the questions you raise in the long poem about the limitations of perception. Cognitive psychology is also clearly indicating that memory is actually quite faulty. Our illusions about multitasking and the past have to fall away to experience the 'depths of now'. I'm going through major life transitions and this poem has helped me articulate a better way to envision my 'now'. Thank you for that and the beautiful verse.

  24. Where You Will Go.

    Filled with the type of questions I think many of ask at some point. Filled with rich images and emotions and perceptions.
    A great read!

  25. The photo of the lake is lovely. The first haiku seems to answer the questions of the long poem- all are immersed in me and we're in the flow of now. Nice first visit to your world.

  26. I especially love the first haiku - I consider endlessly time as dimension. It's so palpable to me, so much a part of my life, my art, all art. Time for me is realized through seeing and making as though it accumulates there compacting the past, anticipating the future, stopped in the now.

  27. I like your reflectiveness ... and I too am very fond of rivers. :)

    I like both your photos very much.

  28. Beautiful haiku. I loved the first one, with that wonderful last line. Loved the second one too - it had a wonderful last line as well. I can't decide :-$ Your long poem was thought provoking and made me sink like into a riverbed, letting the waters flow around me. Nice write

  29. Much time is indeed spent dwelling in the past and seeing things through past experiences. One can forget now is now. Really enjoyed reading this insightful poem. Stepping out into the now, attempting to leave the past where it is. Thanks for your poem. :)


  30. strong verses, Shashi. Keep at it

  31. You express a strong idea of tension between the flow of nature and the human tendency to ascribe arbitrary time boundaries to nature's movement. I like the way you describe that dissonance in verse and find a resolution without prescription.

  32. I consider myself relatively enlightened, Shashi, but sometimes I am selfish too in loving certain individuals to go away, even if just for an hour or three. :) :)

    Your writing and heart are SO beautiful!

    on the wings of moonlight... I love poetry!!!


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