Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 16, 2011

WHISPERS: Where You Will Go...?

Hope you will enjoy some of my HAIKU and then a long verse about life “Where You Will Go...?” 
I believe that we are not living in now, as our mind is not capable of perceiving it as it is always busy experiencing, accumulating memories and then translating the present according to it...

Thekadi Lake in Kerala - God's Own Country

Trees, wind and the sea
All immersed in me
Love rivers the life in living

Do you now know?
Your soul flowered in me, as you planted
Seeds of love on my lips

I have always been
Selfish of my pain
Comforts of your going away

Varanasi Ghat...
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Sunset melted into the darkness of lust
Softly extinguishing the twilight of passion
Night fell hard all over the cosmic design

Oh Yes! no one is there
Within the tapestry of hungry desires
Within the cosmic fabric of darkness and of endless memories
If this is what we are - nothing,
Just dark desires of endless nights
Then why do we even attempt
To be in this flow of life, that rivers
All across memories, from beginning to the end

A deep sigh escaped, on the wings of moon light
Some stars tear dropped, on the ripples
Of dry river bed of past; ‘now’ just flowed on and on

What do we understand,
When all that our mind is capable of,
Is knowing only its past and then colouring
All that is ‘now’ with memories 
Stale dry and dirty of just experience.
Where and why do we understand - only
Lust, desire, passion, fear, ambition...
Insecurity... What is actually all that?

He was alone playing with his memories, coarse fingers
Prodding the little waves of the river, that came along talking
Releasing his past to be free, slowly nudging them to flow away

How this life can be different than
This or that universe…
This living or that past life, or the life coming to be
I agree.. You have actually
Messed it up with the priests, religion
With a mind that’s playing magic of time
Which is nothing but a sleight of sense’s hand,
Or quirks of future fate; you are just not staying in...

One by one, all past left, experience emptied itself
In the flow of not knowing what was; naked and alone
He stood up, to walk into the depths of ‘now’

Where you will go?
Free at last of living, probably the right place is within you
Dream, search and hold it in this flow…

Shashi @ Nov 2011
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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