Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 2, 2011

WHISPERS: Fire, Faayar, Faayaar... Dedicated to Vikram Seth

Some of my free form Haiku to begin with and then my dedication to the powerful style of poetry reading by a great author Vikram Seth, hope you would like it...
Morning Blossom by Vladimir Kush
A Surrealistic painter, Click here to see more...
Death is beautiful flower
Flowering in emptiness
Utterly naked in being
Your pain is not
The result of my love
But of my possessiveness
Love is the process
Of self revelation
In her eyes

Last weekend, I was attending the literary festival, (where my friend Rahul Bhattacharya was awarded The Hindu Literary Prize for Best Fiction 2011), I came across many giants of Indian Literature as well as some great names from abroad. It was an amazing experience throughout the days but the recitation of poetry, “FIRE” by Vikram Seth from his new book, “Rivered Earth” captured my imagination and touched me deeply. Vikram Seth is an amazing writer, who has enthralled the world with his creative genius, with books like "A suitable Boy", "The Golden gate". "An Equal Music" etc. As he came up on the stage to talk with Nisha Susan from Tehelka Channel, I did not have any inkling that he will set the stage on fire.
Vikram Seth at Hindu Literary
Festival Chennai 2011

To start with, he was sitting while chatting with Nisha and reading his poetry, but when he started reading his final verse ‘Fire’, slowly got up and walked on to the front of the stage... softly raising his voice almost to the level of a war cry... with word ‘fire’ menacingly leaping out of his mouth, transformed into Faayar... Faayaar.

The poetry below is about that moment when Vikram Seth’s whole being was consumed by the fire of passion and creativity...

Vikram Seth breathing fire....

Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

There was no fire
But then there was passion
A complete consuming desperation...
With its flickering flame of desire
From here to eternity
In thoughts
More so in the vision of
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

And it engulfs you in its crescendo
The music of burning deep within desire 
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

And there he was
Completely enflamed in the vision
His long forehead
To his thinning hair
Slowly his desperate cries took roots
Into the earth within
And he himself buries himself in...
In the flames of passion
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

What I was thinking
Or whether even I was...
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

As he rose, like a phoenix, from ashes
Of desire, a full throated war cry
In his most unobtrusive way
And captured
The essence of life
In being; and I saw
The place is on....
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar...

Ferocity, in her own trembling
Hands, fumbling to capture desire
Fire, Faayar, Faayaar....
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

This is submitted to dVersePoetry Group for the WK 16. Please click here to log on to read some great talented poets and add your own.

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  1. nice piece shashi...really like the chant feel of fire, fayaar, fayaarrr....the repitition of that through out is very strong...actually i would love to hear this performed.

  2. Mmm, there is a wonderful mouth-feel to that line. The full-throated cry given in an unobtrusive way is utterly compelling!

  3. lovely you real capture the passion that must have been present ...thank you for sharing x

  4. Shashi, brilliant! I felt as though I were there. It is as though one is on fire when one is passionate, especially passionate about one's writing. Your haiku are always amazing but I enjoyed your longer response to your fellow poet! Inspiring.

  5. Lovely package you have given us this week! Its beauty in poem and story was touching. Om Namah Shivaya my friend ~ Rose

  6. "And he himself buries himself in...
    In the flames of passion"

    I believe it was this to be the turning point... I've never looked at it as a passion... but I will now...

  7. What a true gift to read your poetry. All 3 haiku hit me like a ton of bricks with their truths.

    And to hear of your friend receiving the writing award makes me smile with the friendship of the Internet.

    Thanks for coming over to my blog too. Your comment went into my "spam" folder, but I fished you out! (Sometimes when a comment has a link embedded it gets spammed.)

    Have a happy day of peace and joy -- but I think you WILL what I know of you so far!

    Peotry is IT!!!

  8. Intense, beautiful words, Sashi.

  9. wow this was one passionate piece of poetry shashi...Fire, Faayar, indee...very well

  10. Fire was thrilling, and in person it must have been tremendous!

    I really like your wise haiku:

    Your pain is not
    The result of my love
    But of my possessiveness

  11. Lovely Haiku. If only we could learn about love and pain before we hurt the one we love.
    The Fire is fabulous, like Brian, I bet it sounded amazing read aloud.

  12. I agree with Claudia, a pretty passionate piece!

  13. The third haiku is so true. And I loved the "fire" poem! Well done... Nice to see passion used referring to something other than sex! I bet everyone in the room was tingling from his reading of it!

  14. So pleased to have discovered your work. I'm sure I'll return often.

  15. Its fire indeed and one can warm up in its presence in awe and wonder.. lovely read..

    Loved UR Haiku's too.. especially the one about death..! tat is exceptional:)

  16. Thanks for sharing Seth's poem reading. Liked your haiku skills as well :)


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