Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 1, 2010

STILL LIFE: Fountains of Spiritual Energy Parts of India - Part II

Whenever I could find opportunity, I enjoy travelling to spiritual places, in my own small experiments with spirituality. Last week I put another set from North India and this time, a set of powerful energy sources in form of temples from the south and Central India.... 
This is also submitted to Poetic Form: Haiku that I am hosting at Jingle's blog "The Purple Tree". Please check out to know more about Haiku through the feature there and to read great talent as well as add your own haiku .... Click here

With a south Indian temple
Architecture, we made a Shiva temple
in Bihar. Here village folks are
going to fetch water from the river
A ritual for consecrating Deity

Carrying devotion in heart

A lonely women washes temple floor

Cleanses deity off stone

Ashram of Gandhi Ji in Ahmadabad, for some
great people Temple is not required
at all

Desire to believe in love
So great
The temple steps aside

The largest mosque after Mecca, at Bhopal in India

Small happiness’s, the birds
On tall Minars, is music for the soul
Sufi dance round and round

The famous Sun Temple of Konark - Orissa, India

Loneliness is Sun
Knowing all He embraces
Turn ashes

Guruvayur Temple of Lord Krishna - Kerala, India

Krishna's love
Wafts in flute's song
Love calls

Temple in Kanchipuram near Chennai India
Its also known as the Kasi of South

Breeze, Mist and ripples still, in awe
Temple is dressing up
In Sunrise

Thiruppurankundram Temple near Madurai of Shiva's Son, Muruga

Shadow of tree reaches out
Climbs up the temple steps
To grow some roots and be the tree

Meenakshi Temple in Madurai
This is the world famous
Idol of Natraja
Lord Shiva in Tandav Dance
A dance of destruction
and Creation

Dance of cosmic creation
Chiseled in dark ages
Needs fresh light of love

Panchmukhi Shiva (Five Headed) at Meenakshi Temple

The beautifully sculpted enterance of
Meenakshi Temple One of the 4 Gopuras

Shiva's Temple at Rameshwaram - India
Temple of Lord Buddha at
Sarnath - Varanasi, India
Posted here again for the
Haiku's Below


Looking at young Bhikshu sitting below
Bodhi tree smiles
Who Buddha is?

In the shadow of Bodhi Tree
Young Buddha smiles, too
What life is?

Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram
Sculpted in withered stones
Temple stood, a silent beacon
Of loneliness, by the sea

 नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 32 

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