Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jun 14, 2013

HAIKU TEA: SESSION IV-V - 'Before it all ends' & 'Journey of life'

If you write, love collaborative writing, enthusiast of poetry and enjoy writing short verse like Haiku, Tanka, Renga, Renshi etc, then Haiku Tea sessions are for you... (Click here to join in for the Session VI).

Some weeks back I have had created a group on Google Plus for Haiku enthusiasts and through a suggestion of one of the friends, I started Linked Verse Sessions known as 'HaikuTea' on the lines of traditional Japanese style of public collaboration of writing poetry, where were quite popular in ancient Japan and China. These HaikuTea session at the group is getting to be quite popular in the group and the result - The Final Verse of 19 poets linked verse is for you to judge about the excellent quality of work these session produce... each one with their color and hue, paint the canvass of the emotions, feelings and thoughts in brilliant shades... Loved it.

The poets who are linked in these sessions are through invites only. If you are interested to be invited, please leave a comment on this link, (Click Here) with your concurrence AFTER READING THE RULES OF COLLABORATION....



Hung between my mind;
Her Heart; A wish waits; "Hold me
Again, before it ends"                            By 
+Shashi S 

in echoes of glissando ---
Rhapsody in Blue                                  By 
+Carolyn St.Charles 

An EPIC composition
Her wish is granted"                               By 
+A. M. Frasier 

deep fires dissolving time
love, fed by freedom                             By 
+jamer nicholls 

Questing for Eternity:
She seeks its portal.                              By 
+Gabri Rigotti 

gateway to her inner self
setting longings free                              By 
+John Belchamber  

expressions of exhaling!
gateway,she is in                                   By 
+craig volney 

Reflections of a deep love
Mirror to his mind                                  By 
+Francis JA 

Obscured via dragon walls -
Rendezvous arranged.                           BY 
+Berteena Gaines 

in secret corners of dark.
She is the goddess.                              By 
+Joe Nicholas 
craved by many, loved by none!
a diamond hidden...                              By 
+Dan Del Carmen 

Her Myriad pain, silenced
Eyes held in capture                              by 
+Uma Maheswari Anandane 

peering ...deep... salacious...
desire to return                                      By 
+Daniel Davila 

so much lost . . . so much given
why have I come here                            By 
+Harley King 

in a world full of sadness -
the little child smiles                              By 
+Kristjaan Panneman 

Again; relearn, reincarnation
Before it all ends                                   By 
+Shashi S 



Beauty of path
Lies, not in eternal wait
Of life; but in End                                  By 
+Shashi S 

The life cycle continues ...
New journey begins                               By 
+A. M. Frasier 

our footsteps — strong yet gentle
soft breeze stirs our hearts                    By 
+Harley King 

wafting scents of adventure
perfumed paradise                                By 
+John Belchamber 

A garden for all to see
Serendipity                                           By 
+Francis JA 

the reflections at their feet
mirrors of still ponds                             By 
+Gabri Rigotti 

now quivering fractal pools --
singing Buddha bowls                           By 
+Carolyn St.Charles 

luring the doves to their peace -
white feathers tremble                            By 
+Joe Nicholas 

loving process one with all
flutters with the wind                              By 
+Daniel Davila 

aspiring wish dreams in spring
human mortal mind.                               By 
+Bhawana Bhowmik 

Dawns love; harmony in spring
Journey to explore !                              By 
+Uma Maheswari Anandane 

Seek, bright mind; strive on, brave heart,
'Til stillness finds you.                           By 
+Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu 

the journey of your life continues -
Honeysuckle (*) blooms                         By 
+Kristjaan Panneman 

(*) the spiritual meaning of Honeysuckle is the path to find your Inner Self

in finding the paradise
elixirs of life                                          By 
+craig volney 

and harmonic quintessence
meet cosmic dancer                              By 
+Berteena Gaines 

Moving to the rhythm of
Our Grand Orchestra                              By 
+Dan Del Carmen 

glimpses of synchrony seen,
ebbing and flowing....                            By 
+Haiku Rambler 

ebbing and flowing
Lies, not in eternal wait
Of life; but in End                                  By 
+Daniel Davila 


1) This is INVITES only effort, so you need to get invited. So leave a comment below to be invited.
2) You will have to have a Google Plus account and have to be a member of the Group Haiku at Google Plus
3) Once you are invited, you will be given a chronicle order, on the basis of your joining. You will have to write your linked verse, after a particular member which will be listed out on the HaikuTea page at the group.
4) At your turn you will have to write within 24 hours your own linked verse.
5) The linked verse have to have the first line as the last line of the previous linked verse and rest of the two lines you will have to create on your own.
6) You will have to follow the short form of poetry, preferably in the 5-7-5 Syllable format.
7) If, for any reason, you are not able to write your own verse within 24 hours, the next person in the order will be free to write his / her own verse, within 24 hours… and so on.
8) Each HaikuTea linked verses will go on till every member of the group has finished writing one of his/her own or if the linked verse has gone beyond 100 linked verses or a particular time limit which will be decided by the moderator of the HaikuTea.
9) The compilation of the individual verses will be done at the end by a person nominated by the moderator and/or the members.
10) Final decision on this collaboration is with the moderator.
PLEASE NOTE: You agree, by participating for this collaborative poetry HaikuTea Sessions, to be published in various blogs by the members (with due credit to each individual participating) as well as a final collection to be printed by end of the year. Look forward to your joining in the team…. Please click here to join HaikuTea....
Let me know if you have any questions.

To participate in the ongoing Session VI at Haiku Tea, please click here...
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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HaikuTea Session III Final Verse

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