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Jun 2, 2013

UP, CLOSE & PERSONAL: Chennai Bloggers for Social Action (CBSA)

CBSA : A Blogger's way of playing one's role in social responsibility

It was great to have Chennai Bloggers Club’s member turn up at the meeting last Saturday to discuss, ‘How an individual blogger can do his/her bit for social responsibility’.  IndiBlogger’s first meet that I have had attended few years back, some of us discussed how to join together and do something for the community that we live in. 

Mahesh Iyer discussing some fine points of CBSA Meet

How does someone, as a blogger, can give something back to the community and fulfill his/her part of our social responsibility? 
Since all of us were, and still are passionate about blogging, we thought of using this channel to spread awareness about things that we find around us, either deteriorating that needs to be stopped in its track or something that is exemplary, needs to be emulated across the country. Both can be brought to notice of the masses through our blogging and then using the social media and our reach across various platforms to bring it to the forefront by means of spreading the news through Twitter, FB, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, etc etc. So that’s how it all started …

Why blogging for social action?
49 Secs of Fame @ IndiBlogger Meet at Hyatt 2011
  • Because that’s what we all, as individual bloggers are passionate about and do blog religiously.
  • Because, though we blog about thing on our own for our self, it will be easier for us to blog once in a while about something that community needs.
  • Because it will give us an opportunity to make our voice heard, who does not have time or the necessary resources, to go out and do something on the ground zero.
  • Because, as a group with co-ordinated effort, there is a great probability of our voices being heard, through the chain reaction of every one talking about that “one social cause, one at a time” and continuously being relayed through various mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc etc.

After that meet Indiblogger’s meet, we all went our separate way but it remained in my thoughts and in the next few months, we managed to have three individual meets, through the channel of IndiBlogger, to discuss the various means and activities to achieve this simple goal. All the attendees were enthused to be a part of this growing community and aligned to the desire of Us – Bloggers, to give something back to the community. In these meetings I met champions to this cause, Ganesh, Sylvan, Suleiman, Sahitya, Aparna, Jyothi VelRamaswamy etc who are still with us in various ways to add their value and support. 
Renie Ravin Founder IndiBlogger at IBSA Ist Meet @ 2012

In the last meeting, Indiblogger’s founder Renie Ravin came up with the idea that he is willing to support us by putting up a separate page at his very popular platform of bloggers for this cause and we named it “Indi Blogger for Social Action, in short IBSA”. In the last meeting it was decided that we need to set up the first Chennai Chapter. Fortunately, I got invited by Ganesh Pattu to a very active group at Face Book, managed by Susan ….. , Chennai Blogger’s Club (CBC). After few meetings with them, we thought it to be the perfect group of Blogger’s to take the challenge of forming First Chennai Chapter of IBSA and with Ganesh, Mahesh and Susan’s involvement, Chennai Blogger’s for Social Action (CBSA) was born.

IBSA Meet @ Presidency Club 2012
  • To create an 'Online' Platform for Social Action through the medium of Social Media
  • To create a committed Social Action Group by involving inspired members through periodic discussion and following up proactively the cause taken by CBSA every month.
  • To take CBSA to the Pan India level, through an exclusive website and helping Indi Blogger for Social Action (IBSA) in the formation of City Chapters across India.

CBC Meeting @ Adyar

1) Formalization of IBSA / CBSA – Name, registration, compliance of Govt rules and regulations etc.
2) Core group formation of IBSA / CBSA
3) Documents and content creations (Vision, mission statements, Website, Events, Registration forms, Group activities etc)
4) Member registrations
5) Etc…

CBC Gang in Indiblogger meet @ 2013

So if you are interested to do your bit of social good and like the idea to of IBSA or CBSA (THE ONLY CRITERIA IS THAT ONE NEEDS TO BE A BLOGGER OR ACTIVE ON ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS), please send US a message with your thoughts on “How you would like to do or contribute”, at any one of the following ways… 

Chennai Bloggers

  •  Comment on the link below, with your email / twitter / Google+ handle.
  • Or Connect with us at FB and send a message to Me, Mahesh or Susan through their  profile as linked to the individual names.
  •  Or send an email to with subject line as “CBSA / IBSA Membership”
  • Or send me a message through Google Plus here... 

All India / Global Bloggers

Leave a message through any one of the above mentioned channels, giving info on the city where you are currently living.

CBSA Meeting in my office
Looking forward to joining hands to take our blogging to the next level of Social Blogging...
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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