Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Apr 5, 2011

STILL LIFE : The Village life ....

FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - Travelling, Photography and writing Haiku - So here it is all together. Hope you will enjoy it.

Recently I have been to a village near Varanasi India. It's a lovely place and I got very positive and vibrant feeling from there. As usual, I have had my camera which went about capturing my impressions and the essence of the village, which I am sharing below. Just to make your viewing more interesting, I have also posted some of the Haiku I have written in past and liked; loosely based around the images...
The way to the village... near Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh - India) 

Without direction
One step after another

Birds on Wire... 

Small happiness’s
Like the bird on the wire
Music for the soul

Daily burden of living...

Thoughts in mind
Your pain in heart
Carrying karmic baggage


Paints her picture
On my deep sighs

Why I find
The longing, beating inside my heart still
That has passed under the bridge

The colorful harvesting...

Tea is brewing its own thoughts
Mine is in mind
As she plucks in the tea plantation

Tending to the field...

Life, in heights of pleasure
In slow moments of pain
Empties into living

Catching up... with young life ...

Some words are so effective
Before you realise
They suck the happiness out of life

Time to reflect .... on the past

Desire to see you now
So heavy in my heart
I almost sunk it in tears

Sunrise over the temple...

Breeze, Mist and ripples still, in awe
Temple is dressing up
In sunrise

Dew drops hang on to the grass...

Dew drops
Settles softly on lips
Love, flowers

Night softly settles on my bed of grass
Crickets stopped singing
Waiting for my footfall

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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