Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jun 20, 2011

WHISPERS: Lost In Emptiness...

Some of my latest Haiku first and then a verse about emptiness....

(Haiku is Japanese iconic style of poetry. Basho - acknowledged as the supreme master of Haiku, said to his Zen Teacher “Haiku are description of what is happening at a particular ‘haiku moment’. Creating vivid images, each haiku paints a unique and dramatic scene that expresses emotions and some times, a philosophical thought to be contemplated upon, from the natural or social world. Basho also emphasized sincerity and seriousness – the poetic truth of words, pointing to higher reality... to read more about Haiku please click here... )

I saw you
Night of ocean; rising
And then falling apart; at dawn

I was searching for
Deathless living; not knowing
It’s through doors of death

The path, snaked away
From me
I realised the futility of my dreams

'Go, wash your Bowl'
Live, moment to moment in living
Stop the life passing by


Entangled, entwined and merged
In the crashing waves, ocean scent
Sea waves
Thinking, playing, sifting sun and sand
Like the back of my hand
Against the darkness
That was a sunset
I sieve the destiny off my inner self
Trying to find, where I am going
In which part of cosmic design
And reality dawns; the whole life
Is nothing but just a preparation for dying

Extricating my self
From the foams, that froth at the listless beach
I got up and walked, leaving footprints
To fend for themselves; all along the sea
Looking for the emptiness
Wondering if it was also looking for me
Life in living is more of driftwood
Than a flowering tree;
Knowing no roots;
Belonging no one;
Just me
Lost in the empty space

As memories lose their meaning
In becoming words, that turns
My pain into poetic shell
A darkness to hide within
Where windows do open
To another darkness
Of knowing nothing else.
Don't ask
Have nothing to say
Know nothing
Said nothing

Where you come from?
Where you are going?
Stay - Live - and be the Dead

I know, strand by strand,
Peeled my soul off memories
Just flying naked in unknown winds of time
With broken wings
Pain slowly flowered into
A screaming need
Of knowing myself;
Less, what’s full of your emptiness

My words – too inadequate
To express the reality
Of souls
Tearing apart
Your eyes said
What my heart
Did not want to hear
Before it heard; the footsteps
Of going away

“Loving you
Has been an enlightenment
In making
Losing you
The enlightenment,
I was dying for”
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Submitted to Poetry Potluck and One Stop Poetry WK 51. Click on the names to read some great poets and submit your own.

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