Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Mar 10, 2013

UP, CLOSE & PERSONAL: Life School and an inspiring person... Narendra Goidani...

A belief that I do believe in... that most of the times we are all running around to scare away the scarcity that we either find or believe in, but then the nature around all of us is not made of scaricity but of abundance... so we should not just keep accumulating money, but we should instead of live in now and fully... and that's what Narendra Goidani, an amazing teacher, trainer and guru to many great business man believes in ...

Narendra Goidani
It was interesting to meet Narendra Goidani at my office when my partner's organization Mcircle (an NGO) called him for a talk ...

An easy going person, who, I would have never realized, has more knowledge (for a 12th std pass person, who was working as a helper in Chennai some years back and now spends only one hour a week for his organization which is going to be a 200 Million US $ firm in five years) than the people he hire in his organization from London School of Economics. 

His Lifeschool and his vision is to create 100 holistic schools across India where the students will learn how to live life beautifully and wholly.... with an intention not to ask for a single rupee from any one so he started a business to earn the money on his own for his schools... all 1000 crores of it .... while his own business of training sustains him and his family ( just to give an idea about that business, he has waiting list of months together for his business development residential program of 8 days (@ the cost of 12000 US$ per person) ... and as he says, he believes in "Living Rich, not dying Rich"

The talk was amazing and I enjoyed it so much.. so much so that I intend to offer my ancestral land in the village for his proposed school, as I shift to my village to create a great shcool, a Hospital and Ashram in 2020...

Some of his thoughts are given below...

Narendra Goidani Life School Founder
1) Create something that cannot be copied... (Remember, if something can be copied, it will be ...)
2) Success depends on what kind of team you have..
3) Creating a good team is all about rewarding them for the past and inspiring them for future.
4) No one can copy and good team and to do that you need to be perceived as Fair person, as elder brother who will take care of their financial issues so that they can focus on the dreams of yours, which becomes theirs as well.
5) CHARACTER IS NOT EQUAL TO CAPABILITY. So if you are hiring some person, do look for Character but along with it, ensure that he has competence as well as courage. Just because he is known to be a great and sincere person, does not ensure that he can be a successful team member.
Good thoughts as above and many more ... must listen to him and his very lovely style of delivering thoughts in an amusing and interesting way...

Good to attend the program... 


 नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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