Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Oct 30, 2015

CURTAIN RAISER: Blog Now Live Forever BNLF

An international conference on Blogging, conceptualized and hosted by IndiBlogger on 31st Oct - 1st Nov, Mumbai

Influential bloggers from the global online community are gathering this weekend at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai to interact with the thought leaders and powerful speakers from the world’s emerging change agent- Blogging.

The BNLF event, as promised by the organizer’s IndiBlogger, is going to be…
- The most disruptive conference on blogging
- The only congregation of global speakers on blogging hosted in the Indian subcontinent
- Unique combination of Bloggers, Content creators, Content marketers, Agencies, Speakers and Investors in blogging among the attendees
- An event with in-depth techniques and insights from some of the most experienced in the industry
- A place where you will be finding the ways to help you build a rewarding career in blogging
...the place where every note is a keynote

Thanks to Anoop and Renie, I have had the pleasure to interact with some of the Key Note Speaker’s to understand what makes them click…

IMA Marketer of the Year - 2015, is a career storyteller who has worked as a journalist, a nonprofit executive, and a content marketing strategist and consultant. The Content Marketing Institute acknowledged him as a 2014 and 2015 Top 100 Most Influential Content Marketer.

Everyone is an influencer to somebody. You, too.

By the way, chasing trending stories is quite OK, as long as we have something of value to add. Being unique counts.
- Christoph Trappe: To read more, click here…

A speaker, consultant and an internationally recognized marketing blogger who is Ranked #8 on Forbes” The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014

I would encourage any blogger to think big, be global and be true to your purpose.

Creating an online digital brand means that your voice will be heard even when we no longer breathe. So the web will indeed create a form of immortality or legacy for bloggers.
- Jeff Bullas: To read more, click here…

Blogging for more than a decade, writing three best selling books, a PhD in computer science and to top it all, a Bengali living in USA - The perfect recipe for making “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” the most widely read blog of the Great Bong.

I think we are. It's not perfect, and nations seldom are, but we are doing more things right than we are doing wrong (and yes we are doing a lot of things wrong).

Anything you write online stays there, it is technically immortal (unless an alien strike or a zombie apocalypse) takes the Internet down forever). Whether this immortality is always a good thing.... I am not exactly sure.

India is not perfect, and nations seldom are, but we are doing more things right than we are doing wrong
- Arnab Ray: To read more, click here…

A blogger, who managed become India’s most celebrated Author with her six best sellers, listed among the Forbes List of 100 most influential celebrities of India (2013) edition.

The important thing is to choose a good publisher who believes in the book as much as you do and is willing to go the extra mile for marketing.

Blog regularly. Be genuine. Be Nice. Be yourself!
There are so many people who try to copy the personality of a successful blogger/writer. That’s a big put-off.

If the book doesn’t strike a chord or the reader finds the quality poor, he/she is not going to pick up another book by you.
- Preeti Shenoy: To read more, click here…

A Bengali born in Delhi, who is unable to befriend people more interested in the number of bedrooms in her apartment. She vents her angst writing damning posts on her blog and praying no one reads them. But then people do read and relate to her so much so that she has been winner of numerous awards. She has contributed articles for IBN live, NRI Section of TOI and currently blogs for Huffington post.

Indian bloggers can make a difference. At a time when news is more of subversive, divisive propaganda and news channels a constant cacophony of misplaced indignation, we can be the voice of reason… The blogging community is yet to take their role as influencers seriously.

Bloggers can be the voice of the people, we can be the platform for debate.

As long as we wait for men to treat us as equals, we will never be empowered.

Never underestimate the power of your words, the reach of your blog.

- Purba Ray: To read more, click here…
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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