Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Oct 12, 2015

CURTAIN RAISER BNLF III : Key Note Speaker Arnab Ray - The Great Bong

“India is not perfect, and nations seldom are, but we are doing more things right than we are doing wrong” - Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray is a keynote speaker at BNLF - The Most Disruptive Conference on Blogging, conceptualized and hosted by IndiBlogger on 31st Oct - 1st Nov, Mumbai
What is BNLF?
The "Blog Now, Live Forever is an event, which is carefully constructed from the ground-up to give you a front seat to amazing insights into the world of blogging!

The Great Bong: A teller of tall tales

Blogging for more than a decade, writing three best selling books, a PhD in computer science and to top it all, a Bengali living in USA - The perfect recipe for making “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” the most widely read blog of the Great Bong. This is the place where Arnab Ray downloads his widely read sarcastic outlook on anything and every thing that takes his fancy. And it works too as he is been awarded the best blogger of the year awards quite a few times.

His first book “MayI Hebb Your Attention Pliss”, published by Harper Collins, was on India Today's Bestsellers list. His second book, “The Mine”, has also been well received. His third book, “Yatrik” was published in September 2014. He is contributor to New York Times India Ink, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal Online, Times of India, DNA and Outlook. He is a wannabe politician, disgruntled movie fanatic, tranquil cosmic citizen on the prowl for mind-bending experiences.
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So when I, a common citizen of the blogging world, was on the prowl for mind-bending experience of writing about him, developed cold feet and took the easy way out.  Put across some questions and let him do the writing. So here you are friends and fellow bloggers, the Great Bong.

Q: What is your first love, writing for journals or books?
A: Books. Fiction as well as non-fiction. Blogs, at least in the beginning, was just a way to showcase my writing.  

Q: What do you think made your writing click?
A: There is nothing really known as clicking. It's about finding an audience. Everyone has an audience. Everyone. How big the audience is for your writing...well that's a different matter. I was just lucky enough to find my audience. That's all. Not that I wouldn't mind a bigger audience.

Q: What is your impression about India and Indian Bloggers? What advice you would like to give us, IndiBloggers.
A: Asking me for my impressions on India and Indian Bloggers is like asking me for an opinion about myself. Too close to the topic to give an impartial answer. 

Q: What do you think about the way things are going on in India. Are we on the right track?
A: I think we are. It's not perfect, and nations seldom are, but we are doing more things right than we are doing wrong (and yes we are doing a lot of things wrong) 

Q: The obvious question, Why Blog Now Live Forever (BNLF)? How does it relate to living forever?
A:  Anything you write online stays there, it is technically immortal (unless an alien strike or a zombie apocalypse) takes the Internet down forever). Whether this immortality is always a good thing....I am not exactly sure. 

Q: Tell us more about you, especially the part that people don’t really come across about you. What are your passions and what makes you really happy?
A: I think I put a lot of myself online. Too much actually. The only thing left for me to reveal are my passwords.

Q: And finally anything else that makes you, You.
A: Speaking my mind. I always speak my mind.  

So Friends get ready to hear him speak his mind as Key Note Speaker at BNLF event 31st Oct - 1st Nov, in Mumbai.

I am leaving you with a video from his TEDx Talk at IIT to know more about him.

Welcome Arnab to Mumbai and India. Looking forward to meeting and interacting with you.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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