Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 10, 2010

WHISPERS: Old Man at The Ghat

Some verses in Free Form Haiku on 'Pain'
Pain is 
When you feel like
Stopping the sunrise 

Each day brings me
Always an imposter
Your words; A mantra
I keep chanting them
To numb my pain 
The beauty of loneliness
Lies in the pain
It gives her love

This image is from holy city Varanasi,
On the banks of river Ganges @2004

I saw the old man at the Ghat*
(A bathing place at the river bank)
Long time back, but
He still continues to follow
Me and my thoughts
Incite me to dig deeper
On life
On death
On belonging that is lost.

But he does not know
I am handicapped too
By pain, loss and loneliness
Life to be, has become
A colorless phase
Slowly passing, grain by grain
Like the sand, in the hour glass.

I have no clear vision
Even dreams are marred
By an imposter
Playing kaleidoscope of light
At the end of tunnel

Why there is a light, only at the end
In tunnels of life
Which never ends, Alive
At the end
And we blindly live, on and on

And I keep walking, on and on
Dripping past Karma
In drops of sweat and tears
Creating a fiery blood line
That keeps me burned to the past
I believed that I am loosing it all

It’s been so long
The old man now walks besides, me
Holding my hand, talking
That I am lost too
In the maze of life
Dust claims dust
We will die too
With Karmic baggage intact
 नमः शिवाय 
Om Namah Shivaya

The old man at the Ghat (The bathing place on the banks of a river) was first published in One Stop Poetry (- a vibrant group of great poets). To read the interview and selected verse and my thoughts on Karma Yoga,

Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck Nov 14, 2010
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