Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 18, 2010

WHISPERS - Faraway, Loss and Burning...

She walks alone on the beach
Tidal waves, stormy sea
Me, morning and my scattered dreams

I am shedding memories
Like leaves in fall
Did I loose you in between my thoughts?

My Way of Love
A part of my heart
Remains empty to let you grow
Into an ache

He is sitting alone
Burning his bridges
Piece by rending piece
Even before heart could smell
The acrid smoke of burning
The bonds are razed down
Flowing away in time’s unceasing current

Breaking heart tries hard to keep
The fire from going on hurting, flame by flame
His face, turned away
Shadow the flicker of the burning pyre
Of love, belonging and desires
A burning love, and burns at last.

Made of blood, as foolish as it sounds;
Memories drip, from bleeding heart
And love cast her name, again and again
On the deserts of time
Waves upon waves of pain
Tries to wipe the etched memories on sands,
Again and again

Why do I write?
Why do I write, my pain
The bonds, cast in sands of time
Matured in feelings
Nurtured in love
Will never burn away

Pyre turned ash, he slowly walks back
A life time ago
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya


  1. This is beautiful. Your words are so rich with images of love.

  2. "Why do I write? pain"

    I like that. We often write from the deepest parts of our soul through our pain. I also enjoyed reading your haiku. I enjoy writing haiku as well.

    And thank you for visiting my blog and poem today. Many thanks!

  3. lovely Haiku..

    burning poem is perfect and heartfelt...
    Thanks for the amazing contribution.
    Happy Friday!
    have fun!

  4. I am shedding memories
    Like leaves in fall
    Did I loose you in between my thoughts?

    I just loved this one - great reading all of them!

  5. I love the way of love and the idea of the ache.
    Lovely collection of thoughts.

  6. inspiring n deep..

  7. Your words are lovely. They speak of pain, but also of the power of love. I particularly like the last two lines:
    "Pyre turned ash, he slowly walks back
    A life time ago"

  8. Whoa! I'm glad I landed here! Rich text, evolved imagery, simple & elegant.

  9. I enjoy the plaintive quality of your poetry. SO rich... and the longing in your question greets me.


    Read my poem this week here.

  10. This is beautiful. Present raw human emotion, yet gently. An accomplishment. Thank you.

  11. your short pieces are exceptional; they capture so much in so few words and reach deep into the soul.

  12. always the master of the haiku... I particularly liked My Way of Love. great job!

  13. A stunningly delightful read

  14. Shashi, these are so heartfelt--such exquisite poetry. I love your work. The second haiku especially struck me.

  15. These are indeed beautiful, Shashi. I also loved your design collection-- fascinating and evocative shapes.... he is sitting alone/burning his bridges is such a poignant line that resonates for all of us, I think-- xxxj

  16. @Myrna: Thank you

    @Brock S Henning: Yes pain is a powerful emotion and that has to come from Heart. Thanks for liking my verse and Haiku’s. I enjoyed your poetry too…

    @Jingle: Thanks Ji, I am happy to have you here. I have to start checking the Rally Poets this weekend.

    @Scent of My Heart: Thanks

    @Me_Duress: Thanks I loved that one too.

    @Jessicajapes: Thanks for liking my poetry. Look forward to seeing you again…

    @FiveLoaf: Thank you

    @The Beat of My Drum: Thanks … Love is a powerful feeling too…

    @Purvi: I thank that you did. Thank you for your lovely comment… Look forward to see you again…

    @Julie Jordan Scott: Thanks for liking them.. yes the longingness is all there within me that comes out in words… as there is no other or better way to express it… Thanks and look forward to your visit again…

    @MusingByMoonlight: Thanks … some times the rawness of emotions gets hidden in the words… that is the beauty of language… thanks for visiting and look forward to it again…

    @Arsepoetica: Thanks for liking them… I am happy that it touched you deep…
    @Industialarts: Oh!!! I am no master and these are plain words and most of the time they don’t conform to the rules of Proper Haiku too.. that is why I say its free Form Haiku… ;-) I am happy that you enjoyed it. I love ‘My way of love’ too.. thanks and look forward to your visit…again.

    @Abthomas: Thank you.

    @Liv2wrte2day: Thanks for your appreciation. I am happy that you liked it. This weekend I am going to read all the poetry in the ‘Rally’ and I will, I am sure as always, enjoy yours too… Thanks for the visit… look forward to seeing you again..

    @Jen Revved: Thanks for liking the verse. Yes that line got me too…
    I am glad that you saw the post on ‘History of designs’ Thanks for visiting that page.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  17. You are not just an Office Interior Designer, you are great in designing metaphorical pieces. Great Works.

  18. gorgeous writing... I especially love this one

    "A part of my heart
    Remains empty to let you grow
    Into an ache"

  19. "Far Away" is far and away my favorite. So much story contained in so few lines.

  20. Dear Mallari
    Thanks for very interesting comment. I enjoy doing both...

    Dear Helena..
    Thanks for such a nice comment. I liked that one too..

    Dear Pauline
    Thanks for liking the 'Far Away' ... that is very close to my heart...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  21. I like those three haikus or tercets, especially :)

    very nicely written, Shashi :)

  22. Oh Sashi, we write because it is in our nature... for people like us, the words are like drops of blood that we bleed from our very own souls, but all for a purpose....writing is both a healing and painful process. and it takes courage, which I can tell you have...
    much love. hope you are well

  23. Love the multimedia aspect of your work.

  24. love is a paradox

    om nama shivaya

  25. lovely and loving words. Wonderful
    Also, thank you for your nice comments

  26. Beautiful words + vivid imagery = great poems...

  27. Though how much we desire to shed the memories, they keep coming back, and we always fail with the purpose.

    And I will write because I need to write so much of things, so many about things and a lot about you!

    Great haikus and superb poem Shashi!

  28. You love shines in places the greatest of shadows do not dare to cast. that is powerful!


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