Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 8, 2010

WHISPERS: The Dance In The Night

This is a story about Famous Sun Temple of Konark, India; where in ancient times, Sun God was worshiped. Now it has become a monument instead of temple, it was.


Deep forest stood up in silence

Shook the breeze softly
As the old man walked towards
Withered old Bunyan tree
Bent from centuries of walking
Each step in time, too heavy to take
Slowly he settled down,
On the roots of Bunyan tree

Today forest looked fresh

He slowly remembered the torrential rain
That woke him from his slumber
Last evening
How his memories have started failing
Falling, like un-sculpted thoughts
Littering the manicured garden
Over his sculpted being

How he repents

His promise to the ancient kings
To remain forever chained
To the chiseled devotions of simple beings
How the forever turning wheels
That holds a promise of perpetual sunrise
Drove away life, away from him
Leaving him here; alone and forlorn

The rustle of wind,
Broke his chain of thoughts,
As it slowly settled down
In deep devotion, still, still around him
He looked up, as the Daksha’s and Dakshini’s
Musicians, Singers and dancers slowly arrived
From their stone places, cast way back in history
Bowed low, in reverence of glory that’s lost

The scent of flowers spread the stage
Far and wide
Sea moved closer
River stopped flowing nearby
As stars and moon arrived
In full glory of night
The deep forest, looked up and smiled
Clouds have gone, Curtain’s up
As the old man watched
Another moment of history
Has begin to perform, for the night
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted for Monday Potluck Building, Landmark and Monuments


  1. A gentle portrait of longing and historical poignancy. I like the reverential feel of the piece.

  2. Good Morning, Shashi, what a delight to see you perfect poetry on art and buildings and more.
    it tickles me a lot,
    I am smiling all over to see you work.
    Keep shining....

    here is one of my entries,
    a poetry award 4 you and thank you for your support on week 9 potluck fun.

  3. interesting how you put it..

  4. very it.

  5. I found that fascinating to read, and it also seemed quite a little history lesson to me! Beautiful choice of phrases.

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing write this!

  7. "falling like unsculpted thoughts'!!
    and the word repent....haven't heard that in a while
    very lovely and moving poem

  8. I loved the spiritualistic flow and imagery, great write!

  9. Good visualisation, Good portrayal, tantalising are a good Word-smith! I loved it!

  10. Lovely imagery. As always a beautiful poem Shashi.

  11. Your handling of imagery inspires me. Well done.

  12. Beautiful pictures...
    Lovely poem...
    I once went to the Sun temple...It is a very spiritual place... :)

  13. A beautiful story unfolds like a rose .. .I truly enjoyed this.

  14. What a lovely artist and poet you are. I think I call you an artist because of the way you paint pictures with your words.

    You have a true gift.


  15. Beautiful poem and story. I got swept away in the story of the old history. Great piece!

  16. This is a lovely poem. You raise the reader up with your words. I specifically like the way you describe the old man, and the night fall. Also, thank you for your kind words about my poem. I wish I could say I was related to Richard Bach, his Illusions is an old favorite of mine. Cheers.

  17. this is so lovely in the words and images you use. And thnks for your very nice comments on my blog. Best to you

  18. you have a way with words that speak to me in clear rich tones and smooth melody
    beautifully done with composition and photo's!

    thank you

  19. Nice bit of history you put to us here, the words and the pictures flow together beautifully, and draw the reader/viewer on. Rich imagery and delightful wording--well done.

  20. You certainly can set the stage I felt myself being drawn into your story it was fantastic!

  21. This is simply lovely, Shashi. So eloquent and richly descriptive--I love it.

  22. You beautifully described the temple turning into monument, Glorious past fading slowly.
    Nice poetry.

  23. This is a beautiful piece! I love the imagery here. Bravo!!

  24. Well told story. I liked the similes. Beautifully written for I saw the dancers and et al leaving their places on the wall and dancing to the beats of the drums. Beautiful pictures too.

  25. lovely line "How his memories have started failing
    Falling, like un-sculpted thoughts' and such pretty temples.

  26. Superb post! Superb poem... :-)

    Beautiful verses that unfold like a beautiful story...:-)

    Am meeting great poets here at potluck! Thanks for your kind visit in my place..sure i will come back again, esp if u r part of Thursday Poets Rally!

  27. You are truly a giver.Your poem always conveys knowledge with every word.Your photos makes the words come alive,they are like lovers that were made perfect for each other.

    Great work,Shashi!!Was a pleasure reading it.Thanks for dropping by on mine.Sure glad to see you at jingle,too.

  28. Everything came to life and I had a chance to be see drama unfold through the old man's eyes.
    A pleasure to read.

  29. Shashi, that was really wonderful, thanks! :)

  30. Hi Shashi, this is really a wonderful piece and you made me enjoy the day.

  31. This is epic. Your words have transported me to a mystical place, or to a land far away. I want to see that Bunyan tree.

  32. What a narration!! What a story!! I felt like a child listening intently to what's being said...
    I think you have outdone yourself with this piece, Shashi!!
    And the references made to the intricacies of the temple were fascinating!

    This was just superb!!!!

  33. The photos...the words...just beautiful. Thank you!

  34. "Falling, like un-sculpted thoughts
    Littering the manicured garden
    Over his sculpted being"
    Thanks for the lovely tribute to Konark, deserves every bit of attention! Love the visuals too, especially the headless drummer.. I had the good fortune of visiting it in 2006, and was simply stunned by its beauty.. Some memories in your life, that just don't leave you and feel good every time you remember them.. Thanks for the lovely thoughts again!

  35. Thanks every one, please check my new posting about my trip to Rishikesh through "Gateway Buddha - A spiritual journey through Rishikesh" with some interesting images again...

    Om Namah Shivaya

  36. Tag you're it.


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