Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 29, 2010

WHISPERS: The lotus pond and the depths of heart....

Some free form Haiku’s
‘From the depths of heart’

I feel there is poem
Waiting deep inside my heart
To burst open in colors of pain

Some how the feeling of emptiness
Of my broken heart
Waits for more fulfilling pain

Falling out of love is
Not as easy as falling in
The need lingers; forever in the heart

The Lotus Pond
The temple bell
Silently calls my soul
Echoes, all over the deep forest
In prayers of silent lotus song
Buddha too
As the pond whispers
From the surface calm

Alone in the deep forest,
I am prostrate in devotion
And search
Before your shore's
Of love, life and living
Laboriously moving, in every steps of sigh,
Pregnant with leaves, roots and
Residual karmic earth
-Lotus pond in deep in thought-

Wondering why
The flowers have to wither and fall
Before fruits can burst forth; in living
Why love and loss results, only in the end,
An acceptance,
Cowering in depths of empty soul?
Life regains calm,
Only, after
It has flowered through pain
And bonds?

Lotus can only flower
After breaking through
-The sludge of senses,
In the depths of love
From the depths of pond
The laughing Buddha
With laughter in His heart

Pond, all alone, in the darkness of night
Softly sighs
Goes back to living
On the temple’s Shore

The silent Buddha
Is not so silent, you see
Just listen with laughter in your heart
The lotuses do sing
The beautiful life's love song

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted for the Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry
Please submit your own here and read some great poetry...


  1. Lovely lotuses ...Thanks for sharing! Always pleasure stopping by your place! Mine's about lotus too

  2. Lovely words,Shashi.And truly meaningful ones.Reading your words bringforth wisdom.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of words with us,always.

  3. Hi June and Scent of my Heart
    Thanks for your beautiful comments, I have made some corrections in this final version, please have a re-look when you have the time...
    I appreciate your visit and value your comments.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Beautiful as always -the pictures are mesmerizing and the lines meaningful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Such pretty poetry! Really beautiful and so are the images!

  6. "just listen with laughter in your heart"
    Not easy to accomplish but when one does.. the lotus responds with music.
    Thank you Shashi...

  7. Shashi,the first read was fabulous.The edited one...AMAZING!!Like falling in love the second time around.Thanks for informing me with the changes.

  8. stunning imagery.

    I feel there is poem
    Waiting deep inside my heart
    To burst open in colors of pain

    divine words.
    love your entry,
    keep shining.

  9. Bravo! Well done, Shashi. The spirit of the Buddha is palpable in this poem.

    One of my favorites. The poem from the heart. The only place a poem can come from.

    Happy potluck ... poem on, dear Shashi!

    Jamie Dedes

  10. I love the idea of having laughter in my heart - very clever!

    The poem about love is so true.

  11. Shashi your photos are always strikingly magnificent. Loved the poem too. :)

  12. your photos with your words are such a beautiful combination.

  13. so....beautiful Shashi! what can I say. your words leave me in longing and give me hope. Very touching!

    the images are amazing!
    thank you so much!

  14. Haikus were especially vivid this time, and I could feel the Lotus Pond taking on a real substance and identity, merging with your own as you wrote and contemplated it. Life is strong even when saddest, and happiness is unavoidable to an open eye even in the darkness. Strong life-affirming stuff, as you always write Shashi. Enjoyed it all very much.

  15. This was so beautiful. I must be silent for a few moments.

  16. Few words, deeper meanings...That's a great skill..


  17. Wonderful...I like the spirituality and the peace.


  18. I read it again, still the same beautiful, everything about lotuses is beautiful, really loved the pictures with the post, thanks for leaving comment at my blog!

  19. I'd go for the "laughing Buddha" every time..just sweeps me along to the deeper truths..beautifully feeds into the other...

  20. There are some very evocative images in your pieces. Lovely!

  21. Beautiful photos and beautiful poetry. This haiku spoke to me particularly:

    Some how the feeling of emptiness
    Of my broken heart
    Waits for more fulfilling pain

    and the final stanza of the longer poem, listening to lotus-song - lovely thought.

  22. Such beauty in your words! What a pleasure reading them!

  23. Beautiful words feeling the emptiness of a broken heart, the pain of the lotus-song, yet then taking us to the laughter of the Buddha. Well done with this one.

  24. The beautiful essence of Buddha and the lotus were captured here, Shashi. I can feel the serenity that both offer.

  25. Great poem. I love the lotus's love song!


  26. Stunningly written!

  27. Beautiful words and pictures.

  28. It's a pleasure to read your words. They're very uplifting. I know the haikus are about pain, but I like them because of the depth of the emotions in them.
    "Falling out of love is
    Not as easy as falling in
    The need lingers; forever in the heart"

  29. I Love Your Work!
    A poem bursting from your heart like "colors of pain" is quite special.

  30. The laughing Buddha...the eternal smile...I'm happy this is the last thing I will read before going to sleep tonight.

  31. .. out of darkness and pain, happiness is created. This is a beautiful reflection, to the age old question of why?

  32. @Fiveloaf: Thanks for your appreciation

    @Wordsworthmillions: Thank you.

    @Inaweblogisback: I appreciate your comments. Thanks

    @Steve: Yes its not easy to listen with laughter in your heart when you are with so many pressures of day to day life… but as you said, when you do, you really enjoy the result.
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

    @June_Butterfly: I am glad that you could make it back to the post and thanks for re-reading it again. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

    @Jingle Poetry: Thanks Jingle for your wonderful comment. I enjoy being with your blog ppl… Thanks I enjoy talking about the philosophy of Buddha. One of the best thought out religious philosophies in the world. Thanks for your comments.

    @Jessicasjapes: Thanks, I appreciate your visit.

    @River: I love taking pictures and some times they do come out well. This one lotus picture is taken from an actual lotus pond in front of a temple. Thanks for liking them both…

    @David Waters Thanks, I appreciate your words… and visit to the blog.

    @Hope Thanks for your such a nice comments. I am happy that it gives hope. My work is done now… Thanks for your visit.

    @Hedgewitch: Thanks I am glad that you liked the Haiku’s and enjoyed them. Your words make me feel great. I value your comments.

    @Myrna R. : that was a very lovely thing to say… I can see you.

    @Aquarius63: Thanks, your words make me feel great.

    @R.S. Mallari: Some times words are not needed when heart speaks… I have no great skill than to speak my heart… Thanks for liking it. I am glad that you are here and hope to see you again.

    @Lordemmanuel: Thanks Bro. I like your company here as well as on Twitter. I enjoyed your poetry too. Thanks for coming over and appreciating…

    @Scentofmyheart: Well your nickname says it all. These are actually scents of heart… some times poignant and some times reflective and some times in bliss… Thanks for liking this one too… as always. I value your comments. Thanks for coming.

    @Lyn: The meaning of Buddha is profound and I am glad that you are enjoying it here. I appreciate your visit. Look forward to see you again…

    @Madeleine: Thanks for liking those images, and yes I enjoy them too as I loved taking them.

    @Gospelwriter: Thanks and the one haiku you mentioned is close to my heart too…

    @Artandwhine: Thanks for your comment. I hope you would visit me again..

    @Reflections: Thanks for liking these verses and haikus. I value your comment and your visit. Please keep coming back…

    @Bodhirose: I like your nick name a lot. If you have not had taken it before I would have registered it…. Hehehe. I am happy that you could connect with me, in this verse in the peace that I myself feel. Thanks for the visit.

    @Razzamadazzle: Thanks for liking it, Teresa. Wish to see you again.

    @Abthomas: Thanks

    @Suz: thanks for such a nice comment. I appreciate it.

    @KB: Thanks for your appreciation. Its my pleasure too that you liked them. That one Haiku is straight from my heart… I relate to it so much… Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.

    @Giovanni Cucullo: Thanks I value your comment. I read your feature at ‘one stop’ and enjoyed your work too. Thanks for the visit and look forward to seeing you again.
    I Love Your Work!

    @Timoteo: I am happy that it gave you something to hold on to. Wish you a great night.

    @ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic): Thanks and yes, old age question, every time and by every one asked, but the answer hard to find… Thanks for the visit… Look forward to seeing you again at the blog.

    I thank you all for visiting and reading my attempts at creating some poetry...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  33. the lotus pond seems to be a serene place. another lovely poem.

  34. Beautiful poem..
    Truths of life written wonderfully in your poems and the images enhances the beauty..

  35. Splendid haikus and a very lovely poem..
    Thank you. I love it :)

  36. Some very interesting spiritual imagery. The lotus has so much symbolic potency.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  37. Thank you for your comment on my blog because it lead me here! This is my first exposure to your poetry, but certainly will not be my last. It touches me through and through. I'll be back...keep writing!

  38. Wow, I enjoy the skillful way in which you create images and deeper meaning behind the images. Very beautiful.

  39. Great haiku's as always. My favorite - falling out of love is harder than falling in - great thought. wonderful job!

  40. gorgeous words for such a beautiful flower. Thank you for your nice comments.

  41. Shasi,
    This is just gorgeous. I love everything about it. The imagery is great love, pain, joy!
    The haikus are terrific. My favourite is the third. Full of wisdom.

  42. Lovely beautiful piece on love, laughter and the calm of the ever vibrating flower of living....your poem is filled with the calmness of the Buddha and the laughter of his heart....blessings...bkm

  43. Wonderful writing...brings a gently quietness to my mind...thank you.

  44. Shashi, I can sense the deep devotion in this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  45. There are amazing feelings in your post/poem! Your replies are profound and meaningful too, as well as your photos! Will be glad to read your blog in the future! Let me know is it possible for Haiku poems to contain rhymes like in the other, European verses? I mean I've never tried to write Haiku before, I wrote some poems for some of my books, but not Haiku yet. I'm used to other rhymes, but I'm willing to try... do I have a chance to write a good Haiku poem? Let this short poem of mine be a gift for you:

    Love and happiness will be around,
    as all the chains will disappear,
    and Mountaineers will climb their mount
    and there won't be any tear! my Tale Of the Rock Pieces.

    Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of my water dragons' hunters).

  46. @SuziCate: Thanks for your wonderful comment.

    @Rashmi: Thanks for your words, I appreciate it.

    @Sumit Sarkar: Thanks for appreciation

    @Fyodor Lewis: I agree, in Hindu Tantra and religious philosphy Lotus has a spcial space. Its considered to be the Crown Chakra, which is gateway to heaven…

    @patcegan: I am grateful for your visit and look forward to seeing you more often. I value your comment… thanks

    @Nolina: thanks for your beautiful words…
    industrialarts: Thanks for lking this post. That one is my favorite too…

    @kathew: Thanks and lotus is a beautiful flower as well as powerful source of positivity…
    flaubert: Thanks for your beautiful words… I like that Haiku too, it encompasses the whole of life for me…

    signed...bkm: Thanks I am happy that you liked it … it provides within me the laughter of Buddha

    @Dasuntoucha: Thanks and I am happy that it has given you some peace.. Thanks

    @Brock S. Henning: Thanks and you are right, it has the devotion of my heart…

    Thanks once again to you all for the visit to this blog and posting your comments. I appreciate it so much.. look forward to your visit again...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  47. Dear Allanbard

    Thanks for your wonderful comment and appreciation. I value it so much. I love taking pictures, so most of my blog carries my amateur shots, if not otherwise mentioned. Thanks for liking them too. I appreciate your visit and hope to see you again and again...

    Now coming to your query on Haiku, well that is a big question. The traditional Haiku is nothing like what I write in English. It has certain rules, (17 syllable, and seasonal thoughts etc) which sometimes is better done in original language of its origin - Japanese and there are various other types that have come up... its a big discourse so it will not be fair to put all that here... I will probably write a blog post about it and will share shortly... with all please wait...

    But just to complete your question, let me say what guides me in my own free form of Haiku that I write in... It has three lines, it paints a picture with words... and this makes my life easier to write FreeHaiku and share my thoughts in small verse in concise way... My foremost guiding principle is to paint picture with words.... so yes if you feel that you need to rhyme please do.. if not then don't .. that is what I think... which may be not the right way .. but it does work for me...

    Since you asked, and I am no great poet (for that matter, I am just a learner,) but still let me say this to you as a person who love poetry of any form... write from heart... and you will write well... don't write for writing alone and filling books...

    Yes you can write good poetry or haiku's.. I am sure. I feel that in you.

    I thank you for your short verse here and I will post this one in my next blog post Edition this Sunday... I liked it.

    I loved your blessings from the sea... thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  48. Well done here, Shashi... both words and pictures vey alluring and pleasing to the senses.

    Warmest salad my friend

    Luke @ WordSalad

  49. wow, i loved this. the symbolism is so delicatly woven into your words....great poem

  50. lotuses do sing indeed.. deep words!!
    the image was perfect.. :)

    hugs xx

  51. Lovely haikus...
    and a great great poem :)

    Sumit Sarkar

  52. Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy

    Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution!
    Happy Friday!
    See you next time!

  53. Thanks every one, please check my new posting about my trip to Rishikesh through "Gateway Buddha - A spiritual journey through Rishikesh" with some interesting images again...

    Om Namah Shivaya


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