Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 17, 2010

WHISPERS: Love, Lust and Desire to 'BE'....

A child beggar on the path to Haji Ali Mosque- Mumbai
Some of Free Form Haiku's on life and living...
Prevails, in heart
So loud

Life, sometimes,
Is lived
Sometimes, wasted on living

Night falls softly
In the lap of evening
As she rests her head in mine

As my memories bleed
The earth opens up
Tombstone reads: here lays ‘love’

Arabian Sea from my Window (Mumbai-India)
Notes from a high rise Apartment, where I was staying last few days (Mumbai, India)
The large windows opening out to Arabian Sea, was my gateway to my heart's desires and pains
Here is one such attempt to share those feelings

Love, Lust and Desires to BE
There is a thin line
Between love and lust
Between sea and sky
Between me
And you

Such a fine line
That I can see
Touch it from
As I am reaching out to be

 From here, I hear
-Silence whispering to the sea
Waves percolating through the window
Where darkness of my erotic thoughts
Seep into the night sky – color it black

From here I see
A window with three glass frames
Barred, framed and up-curtained
Unveiled, reflecting my shadow –
A picture of naked desire

 From here I reach out
To rush into the night
To tear apart
The love and the lust – Out there
A brazen display in the dark night

From here, I taste
The entangled Sea in the physical sky
And cleave out, a divide
Between my passion and need
Long handle knife of my desire To BE

Some time I want to be - BE
Some times Sea in all its thrashing about
With waves and storms just want to BE too
Some times the sky
With its dark cloud and their silver linings
Just want to BE

Some times all of us want to
Reach out
Separate love from lust
And desire; just to ‘BE’
Just to be in love
Pure, undiluted, undefined
Just Love
Love to be
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday – Wk 20

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  1. such a thin line between love and lust....perfectly said my friend, lovely

  2. Beautiful words, and yes, it is a fine line... and how powerful is the wanting to BE.

  3. I just fell in love with the first para itself Shashiji

  4. Thanks David for your words...
    Dear Reflections, thanks for your comment
    Thanks Budd.aaah for enjoying this one

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Again two great poems. I enjoyed them both & loved the Arabian Sea photo.

  6. The photo of the Arabian Sea is could it look so red?

    Thin line? Maybe, each to his own feelings about it...maybe yes, maybe no, so that's the thin line, line of doubt!

    A beautiful poem...could feel the longings of 'TO BE just love, LOVE TO BE!'

  7. "Just to be in love,Pure, undiluted, undefined,
    Just Love,LOVE,Love to be".... I agrree. Lovely apt words. Well written. I loved it. :-)

  8. Breathtaking words that evoke visions that make one yearn "To Be"


  9. I appreciate all your comments and look forward to your visit again...

    Thanks for liking this one...

    Thanks for liking this one...

    The sea looks its natural color, I have tweaked it to reflect the mood of the verse that is following...
    I am happy that you liked it ...yes doubt in certain cases is thin line indeed, specially when its about love or between lust and passion...

    @Kind Spirit
    Thanks for liking this and your appreciation.. Hope to see you again soon...

    Yes, To be... how I yearn to 'Be'

    Thanks once again for your beautiful comments...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  10. Wow...I like this one a lot! I think the best situation is when love and lust are combined! Great haiku too.

  11. This is beautiful-- so very intense and focused, honest and "naked" in the best sense-- not often that one reads a man's poetry and finds such a depth of feeling! xxjenne'

  12. Beautiful cascade of images, and you drive your message home with every verse, pulling the ideas of love and lust from the physical to the spiritual and back again...I so enjoy your work, Shashi.

  13. Beautiful imagery, thanks for letting me see these things through your eyes...

  14. What lovely thoughts and words. The haikus are wonderful. The poem is so ...can't even describe. I liked it so much.

    I was touched by the picture of the begging child. It looks like a photo one would find in a top notch magazine. Very sad too.

  15. oh that whole first part on the beggar girl...killing be...the image itself makes my heart hurt...and then your words took over from there...

  16. love the Haiku so little words yet speaks volumes. silence can be so loud at times my poem The Silence Sleeps, speaks of just that. it's posted on my blog just in case you would like to read it

    the photo of the child...i gazed at it for quite awhile. a beautiful photo (I agree with Myrna) a beautiful child, yet a great sadness swelled in my heart. very moving

    Love Lust and desires to Be~
    amazing deep thoughts portrayed here. thought provoking indeed Beautifully written, flows nicely

    thank you

  17. Nice One Shot, Shashi - I liked the way the final lines summarized your thoughts.

  18. Your poetry gives me shivers! So intense, drenched in rich imagery and provocative ideas.

  19. Oh such beautiful poetry
    the image of that child will stay with me
    all day I'm certain...Is she really a beggar?
    if so..shame on us all

  20. This is gorgeous, Shashi.

    This haiku tugs at my heart:
    Life, sometimes,
    Is lived
    Sometimes, wasted on living

    And that photo of the beggar child destroyed me -- something many of us should see.

  21. I read the first haiku - nice use of irony to reveal strange veracities.

  22. The poem is beautiful, and real Storms from life and as life includes of happiness and misery.

    "From here, I hear
    -Silence whispering to the sea"

    Great work, thanks for sharing.

    S. Sharp

  23. this pic with the girl made my heart ache sashi..and your poem on love and's a thin line - yes - and you separate it and bring it back together again in your poem..nice

  24. There is a fine line between love and lust! I really liked this!!

  25. You are doing great work Shashi - vivid and authentic.

    Thanks for your kind word.

    Old Ollie - the tired monk.

  26. You made my heart leap all over between the image of your beggar girl, your superb haikus (I like 3rd best) and then your launch into love. Thank you for sharing Shashi

  27. The Haikus are simply beautiful, Shashi.. I particularly loved the 2nd one (about life) -- In its brevity, it has an ocean-depth to it... really beautiful!!

    And for the poem, I hear you, my friend!! That desire to just "BE"... I think it totally resonates with my frequencies... I can so so sooooo relate to it!! Breathtakingly beautiful words!!

    This really is a fabulous contribution to One shot!!

  28. The picture of the child was heart touching and incredible. You are a talented photographer. You have a gift of capture.
    The Haikus are beautiful and your poem. I relate to the poem. My favorite line and image is -Silence whispering to the sea
    great works. :)

  29. I was really struck by that first photo - it has a lonely intensity that is very moving.
    I also enjoyed the collection of haikus! Thank you for sharing.
    I really felt drawn in by the last two: "In the lap of evening" and "As my memories bleed" were both very powerful lines - wonderful imagery!

  30. The picture of the girl broke my heart.A familiar picture in many countries today!

    Love the haiku,too.*As my memory bleeds.The earth opens up.Tombstone reads:here lays *love*

    Very true!And how many hearts have been misled by it.Love and Lust.Both powerful emotions.And a fine line divides these two.

    Fabulous one shot,Shashi!!

  31. seemed to me the photo of the child was so profound, so moving, words of poetry are almost not necessary. It broke my heart, and I am sitting here crying. Not much does that to me anymore.

    But the haiku were beautiful, and the longer poem was succinct.

    But I wanted to gather that girl up in my arms and feed her. Sometimes the visual goes so deeply it's beyond the ability of words. She looked like a puddle of water.

    Thank you, Shashi, for moving my heart so deeply.

    Lady Nyo

  32. Shashi, these are just incredible. Both images--the first one, gut-wrenching, the second one, breath-taking. And the poems are wonderful. You have so much talent and sensitivity.

  33. Breathtaking poem and the need of the soul just "to BE"...what all faiths preach and promise....but the separating of self and BE..can be such a distance....lovely write Shashi...bkm

  34. the picture is awesome!
    very touching poems - tender and wisdom.



  35. So many wonderful selections. Each one a sparkling gem to ponder.

  36. I appreciate all friends comment and thank you for visiting the post and hope those who have not commented would have enjoyed it too...

    @Timoteo: Thanks for liking this

    @Jen Revved: Thanks for liking it

    @Hedgewitch: I appreciate your comment, I enjoy your work too.

    @Drybottomgirl: You are welcome and thanks for the appreciation

    @Myrna: Thanks and yes the picture is very sad, too.

    @Brian Miller: Thanks for appreciating the post … the image is powerful. It made me melt too…
    @Hope: I read that poem and liked it. Thanks for liking this one and yes image is powerful too.

    @Eric: Thanks

    @Ahaikueachday: Thanks for enjoying this post. Look forward to seeing you again.

    @Suz: Thanks for liking it. Yes she is a beggar, she begs on the way to Haji Ali mosque in Mumbai. I noticed her when I was coming back from the visit to the mosque. Its sad… but then this is the way of life…

    @belindamunoz: Thanks for liking and yes the image is disheartening…

    @Steve: Thanks for liking them

    @S Sharp: Thanks for liking it.

    @Claudia: Its really a sad picture … thanks for liking the posts.

    @Cindybrown: Thanks, yes there is really a thin line, if we look deeper. Most of the times, we don’t. Look forward to your visit again…

    @Old Ollie: Thanks for your words of appreciation…

    @Kkrige: I am happy that this one post has a vivid impact on you. I am glad that you are here…

    @Kavisionz: Thanks for liking the Haiku’s… the second one is my favorite too… The ‘BE’ resonates with me too, a lot…

    @River: I am happy that you think of me as a good photographer… I love taking pictures as I believe that they give me an anchor later on, to realise the feelings that are associated with them… good or not but I like to think myself as a photographer, both with words and the camera…
    Thanks for liking those images and verses…

    @Lyndia P: Yes, you got that right, it has the intensity of being alone in the world… even though people are all around walking … with a scant thought of her.
    Thanks for liking those verses and haiku’s… look forward to your visit again…

    @June Butterfly: I know, most of the south east Asian countries have this display of sadness… Thanks for liking my post. Look forward to seeing you again…

    @Liv2write2day: Thanks for visit and your comments. I know the image is stark and moving, appreciate your thoughts on the same… I am not as talented as you and other friends made me out to be… its just that I am more of an emotional fool write from my heart…
    Thanks for your visit… look forward to see you again…

    @Signed…BKM: thanks for liking this one. I appreciate your words and comments

    @Gabriela Abalo: Namaskar, thanks for your beautiful comment.

    @Nessa: Thanks for your appreciation.

    Thanks once again for the visit.. hope to see you all soon...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  37. Dear Lady Nyo

    I wanted to write to you separately, as I know how you are feeling. Some times, something triggers in us a deep seated knot to unravel and it can be anything… like this picture. I also feel your pain and this one picture, has my heart bleeding too as the girl's face is so serene… so oblivious to her environment and her situation, as if she has resigned to her fate… or rather resigned to her karma’s as her parents, people around her would have made her to think, to feel. When I think of her, whenever I look at this picture, I go deeper in my thoughts and start feeling her emotions, her thoughts, what must she be thinking?.. and that always have lead me to some time question, some time wonder, some time loss of belief… but as always, I come back to one thought… i.e. knowing that things change… if alone we can be positive.. so I end up planning on being more positive along with empathy and feelings..

    I have had talked to her, after the picture and have done what I could do to ease a little… burden off her shoulders of family pressures, and pushes…

    I am with you in the thought… and feelings on this one, Lady Nyo.

    Your words gave me a new way of looking at her ‘She looked like a puddle of water’ I am sure going to write a verse about this some time, as I felt it in me for long time and your words triggered it anew… so now going to wait for your line and your feelings to sink in my being… before I attempt to write something about this. I will dedicate that one to you and to this child.

    Thank you for liking, visiting and sharing your thoughts with me…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  38. Shashi,
    Returning your visit. Your 2 pics moved me. The child pic tugged at my conscience, ever so young and helpless. The 2nd pic was serene and peaceful. Both pics a measure of great talent.
    The Haikus are fantastic, beautifully presented.
    So much to read of your other postings. will come back!

    Hank aka kaykuala

  39. That second haiku is just gorgeous!

  40. Thanks Kaykuala and Mama Zen for your beautiful words and appreciation...
    I love the second haiku too...
    Look forward to your visit again..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

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