Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Nov 10, 2010

WHISPERS: Solitude and Rain

Some free form of Haiku’s on ‘Rain’

The house plant
Has started gnawing at its root
Its raining outside
Tipper-tappering on canopy
Fluting through swaying trees
Rain dance in deep forest

Sky picked up few clouds
Went to work
Mopped the forest, fresh green 

You Need Lot of Life, To Be Dead
The moon shattered over the eastern sky
Turned into a cloud burst
Rain fall softly on a lifeless body
Walking along the empty beach
Where has all the pain gone?

The sacred solitude spread
Under the dark clouded night
Shimmering, in wet silver sands
Of time
- Deadly
- Fascinating
‘If this is being dead,
Then its welcome too’.

Come, be within my empty feelings,
Fill my empty soul,
Come, sit besides me
In my desert spaces
And watch with me, the play of our loneliness
Souls, fluttering on the clothesline
Strung between the stars
‘Take one, if you need some change?’

One step after another
Becomes effortless
-When there is no place to go
- When you are nothing else, but dead
No desires to keep you alive; awake
No sun, No moon,
No shadow dogging your steps
Sooner or later, every thing stills, lying etched upon past

You know, living is easy
Moments just pass
In slow motion of
Lightening flash backs
Of memories littered, one the way; en-mass
Foot prints left on silver sand
Now, I remember
Where all the pain has gone

You know, being dead is easy too
You just need lot of life, un-lived
@Shashi 11/2010
नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted for One Shot Wednesday
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  1. I love the calm right after a rain storm. Its as if everything is new again.

  2. Fantastic. Powerful. Vivid. Imaginative. Wonderful writing. You got me - in a lively way ! ;-)

  3. Hmmm enjoyed the haiku and was slammed against the wall with the poem.
    Being dead it too easy - loneliness, emptiness, a vacuous state

    What a One Shot my friend

    a smile or two from the Moon

  4. Torn between #2 and #3 of your haikus Shashi; First I liked 3 better, but now I think 2 sits better with me. I also like the imagery you paint of souls fluttering on a line. Nice

  5. A look deep inside the mind and spirit. Very effective brief images in the haikus, and a real depth in the final poem that forces the reader to look within. I really really love your work, Shashi. "Souls, fluttering on the clothesline
    Strung between the stars..." just a perfect image.

  6. Deep looks within the mind... powerful images created here.

  7. wow-a deep reflection..very well written.

    My daughter and I loved the first haiku. :)

  8. nice. i like the second buthe mopping at the end of the first rings with me...there is great depth to these....nice one shot!

  9. This was fantastic! I love anything relating to the rain. I could really feel this. I felt like I was there.

    My favorite part:
    The sacred solitude spread
    Under the dark clouded night
    Shimmering, in wet silver sands
    Of time
    - Deadly
    - Fascinating

    shimmering, in wet silver sands
    of time! I love it!

  10. Love the haiku, all of them but especially the second, the sounds of rain dancing in forest.

    In the longer poem, this:

    Souls, fluttering on the clothesline
    Strung between the stars
    ‘Take one, if you need some change?’


  11. Your poem enchants me and steals me away to a beautiful place.


  12. I love the haikus. You captured so many familiar feelings in each one.

    The last poem is so full of soul and such a wonderful call to live fully. It's beautiful.

  13. Your haikus are always lovely. The second is beautifully visually and your words.

  14. It's a bit foggy with occasional rain here today in Michigan, so your haiku really fit the bill.

    Nice One Shot, Shasi!

  15. memories littered on the way...some amazing imagery in your poem..and the last line took my breath away

  16. The rain Haikus are absolutely delightful, Shashi!! The way your words dance on a reader's mind, is quite like the rain dance actually! :) Playful, and charming!

    The second poem is quite a revelation!! Intense and rich in meaning!!
    "Souls, fluttering on the clothesline
    Strung between the stars
    ‘Take one, if you need some change?’" -- I particularly loved these lines! The analogy is marvelous!

  17. I really enjoyed the haikus. Loved the images that played in my mind as I read them. Thanks!

  18. tap-tappering - words like this are what make poetry work

    The poem is at once sad and exhilarating - to imagine death as occupying the same place life did but without emotion... I hadn't imagined it that way. There is a magnificent sadness there and yet, an absence of sadness that leaves one free...

  19. love souls strung on the clothesline between the stars: bravo! xxxj

  20. So much here to comment on, but I believe my favorite is "The house plant
    Has started gnawing at its root" - I know this plant as my own and I'm going to water it now! :)

  21. I especially like the first haiku. It has a nice surprise in the middle.

    Your longer piece is very thoughtful with many wonderful images.

  22. Shashi, when I visit your blog I feel as though I am entering a sacred space. As for your poetic brilliance, I feel one of your strong points is your choice of verbs: fluting, dogging...beautiful.

  23. Thank you every one, I was kind of busy so could not get back to you all with my replies. Thank you every one for such beautiful words of appreciation and great comments.

    @David Waters
    Yes, Rain makes it so fresh…
    @Kind Spirit
    I am glad that you liked my style of writing
    Thanks for the smiles and appreciation. Look forward to your visit again.
    2nd one is my favorite too.
    Thanks for loving my work and hope you will keep encouraging me.
    Glad that you liked it. Thanks.
    I am happy that you and your daughter liked it. I am sure that she got interesting with haiku because of you!!! Does she write too?
    @Brian Miller
    Thanks, your comments are always valuable and apt.
    @Laura Lynn
    I love rains too. The part is my favorite too.
    Second is my favorite too. Thanks for appreciating.
    Thanks I am happy that you can join me in the journey.
    @Myrna R.
    Thanks and the last one is my heartfelt song to soul.
    I glad that you have enjoyed my haikus…
    @Eric Alder
    Thanks. Enjoy the mist with mysticism…!!
    that was a nice thing to say, the way my words dance. I guess that is what every poet things of to capture the imagination of the reader. I am grateful for your words. Thank you.
    Thanks , I appreciate your words. Look forward to seeing you again…
    Yes I agree, these are kind of the words that make poetry work. Frankly I used these words without checking up with dictionary whether they exist or not. I just enjoyed it the way it worked out in my mind, making up the sound on the forest’s dense canopy.
    @jen revved
    Thanks. I welcome your words.
    The first one is so full of image, I agree. I sometimes feel bad about living things in house as in pets, plants etc… things of nature will always be comfortable with the nature… just like us human beings, but we just surround ourselves with artificial stuff, out of harmony with our own nature… and then talk about, shout about sustainability etc… why we do it in the first place? For the sake of modernization? No I think for the sake of Ego, we live for ego, and ego is never satisfied with small things, it needs bigger and better things than the others around us…
    Oh that was a big one.. Sustainability is playing on my mind.. Thanks for the comment and look forward to seeing you again.
    Thanks and I look forward to your comments again..
    What a wonderful thing to say… you just made my day. Thank you.
    I appreciate every one, who made me feel great with your comments. And thanks again for your words of appreciation and encouragement.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya


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