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Dec 10, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: ‘TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod’ by Garfield Whyte - Coming of Age

Spotlight is my small effort to support upcoming authors in their effort to reach their readers. And yes, it is FREE, however to be featured in this section, you need to go through a selection process, please click here for details.
Staring is different from admiration. You stare at something that looks odd, but when I see a gem, there’s cause for admiration.” - says Garfield Whyte, Author of “TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod

The book is about a sexy summers age of growing up and falling in love as the author of the book, Garfield Whyte defines it in one sentence. Garfield is from Jamaica - West Indies and as I interacted with him, he reiterated that the book was written to make adult readers want to feel 18 again. The book has a youthful theme that takes us back to our teenage years and cause us to laugh at ourselves. As he finished writing the book, he has enjoyed the sense of satisfaction of seeing his words on paper and likes the feeling the commendations he receives from readers.

When asked, if some one tells him to stop writing…
“Persons who know me well cannot be a stumbling block in my way. I would simply ignore them and keep writing; I am my own motivating force and my own source of inspiration. I am too focused and goal oriented to be distracted or derailed in my pursuits.” - Garfield Whyte

I’m a lawyer who is gradually trying to make a career change as I find law mundane and boring. Writing has always been something I enjoyed, which started with my love for writing poetry. Having qualified for three degrees, one day I told myself that I was tired of reading books written by other persons. Eventually, I took on the challenge of writing my own books. Law pays my bills for now, so I can only find time to write at nights.

As a passionate environmentalist, I visit the hills regularly as I find it therapeutic and also look forward to the inspiration it provides.

Through discipline and strict time management I was able to write; Feelings an environmental photography and poetry book well as the recently completed Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill, my memoir about life at Munro College in Jamaica, my all- boys’ boarding high school, one of Jamaica’s most prestigious citadels of learning.

I have many readers asking when or if I will be doing a sequel to that novel. My main goal now is to have it adapted into a screenplay or a movie series. For the past few months I have been engaged in dialogues with top screenwriters to do that for me.

I am also shopping around two screenplays that I have written entitled Nostalgia about life at my boys boarding high school and the complimentary script girls’ for it entitled: Meet The MGGM Posse (Must Get a Good Man).

Self-actualization. Following Maslow’s theory, I think I have accomplished most things; so writing motivates me a lot.

Writing was fun, not a challenge at all. I was doing what I always wanted to do to finally become an author. All along I have been reading books by other writers, it was time for me to have other persons read my work.

‘We’re going to sleep together tonight, Cutie pie. Rest your head on my chest.”

“That girl lit a fire of desire in me that not even all the water in the Atlantic Ocean could quench.”

“If you’d been wearing rags today, I would have picked you out of the crowd,” Kaci said, stroking his ego.”

Meet Taj James (aka TJ), an 18-year-old high school basketball star; Maggie, his naïve friend; his Spanish teacher from Venezuela; Susan, an old flame; and a few girls that TJ refuses after he meets Maggie until he crosses paths with a 18-year-old girl on his jogging trail by the lake. Initially, she shows no interest in him, but since TJ gets what TJ wants, he charms his way into her grandmother’s heart to be close to Sye.

TJ was groomed by Uncle Peter to be everything he had wanted to be when he was a teenager. He tried to make TJ his protégé and in so doing this relationship was validating the youth in Uncle Peter allowing him to fan the flames of his philandering lifestyle?  TJ’s loyalty was always on his Uncle Peter’s side while his parents, girlfriend and admirers were always playing second fiddle.

This unique bond between an uncle and a nephew gives telepathy a new meaning, until an inadvertent colossal error on TJ’s part finally brings all that had been kept in the dark to light. This put a rift in his uncle’s solid marriage and made his mom finally feel vindicated.

As things started falling apart as the curtains were being drawn on this summer, TJ badly wanted to get away from Cape Cod, fortunately for him it was time to leave to take up his basketball scholarship. In the end it was an uncle left behind to pay the price for the mistake of his nephew.

 TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod is bold, suspenseful, rude, sexy, provocative and unpredictable, and is sure to have all adults wishing they were 18 again.

Garfield says that before he writes, he goes for jogging or nature walk to gather his thoughts and then sit by his computer desk and unleash the words. He took almost 5 months to write the first draft of his book.

1) I worked full time while I did my 3 degrees,
2) I also write screenplays,
3) I am a tennis and basketball fanatic
4) I have a passion for the environment
5) I started writing poetry from High School and now have a poetry book, a novel and a memoir published.

GENRE: Thriller

Rage of Angels and The Sands of Time by Sidney Sheldon. The former had to do with a lawyer’s resilience which I can identify with. The latter was more than a surprise as the title has nothing to do with the actual story.

– Written by Shashi 
CEO & Partner ICUBE Projects
Speaker | Author of “Songs of the Mist” | Haiku Poet
Writes India’s #1 Spiritual Blog “Shadow Dancing With Mind

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