Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Jun 2, 2010


Some times we come across very interesting moments in life with out even thinking about the same and the following pictures are from there. There are some interesting moments of my life from the temple town of Lord Krishna from Jagganath Puri to Dakshineshwar Temple. From Hills of South India to even pictures from my car, from still life of China to stills of one of the major solar event after centuries in India.

One of very interesting images from the Ooty bar

Rains on the petals of flower in my house...

Krishna watches over me in my car... along with Ganesha, one of the God's who is the one who clears obstacles on the journey of life

One of the rare events in India of Total Solar Eclipse after centuaries and one of the interesting pictures that I have taken

On the banks of Holy River Ganges in Dakshineshwar Temple, one of the most power temple of Kali, Goddess Shakti, Consort of Lord Shiva and the human display of insensitivity of environment

Puri and the traffic, Man Made chaos on the temple town of Lord Krishna where Lord banned even the God of Death Yama to enter in the City

Face Off in Shanghai...

Face on..... Nanjing Shhanghai

Still Life on my car top in Rains...

One of the most interesting pilgrimage I did on Christ's last walk in Gods own country in Kerala

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