Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jun 2, 2010

Story Untold - Yogi Baba (Begining of Chapter 4)

The First page of the fourth Chapter of the book in making....

The still air in the late night stilled her heart more. She was not afraid but feared her heartbeats. As the skipped beats moved silently between her one thought to another and she wavered from calling him to not calling him. Stealthily her emotions starts moving to make her feelings detach her love from one memory to another and making them taste bland even in her own mind. And he was not even aware about her diminishing love by memory to memory. How things have moved from being arranged to a chaos of not known future. And she sighs, and let her breath move out into the open and her breasts heaved up and down to let the nature know that she is not happy about things shaping around her.

He had called today, when her mobile was in the bedroom and she was cleansing herself of the thoughts that crowded around her mind. One by one, layer by layer she bared her emotions, stripped off the colors of possessiveness and made the wisps more whiter than the smoke that wafted around her temple deity who smiled benignly at her naivety. But then he was insistent and called again, after sending her a message that to call him back when she is free. How complicated is the life around him has become. Why does not he understand? The constant ringing made the echoes ring louder in her mind and reverberated in her thoughts more and more. She can not even she his face now as its getting obscured by the dark clouds that were gathering in her mind. She thought why does he do that again and again?

And She fell asleep. “Wake Vashudha, Wake up” the thought kept ringing in her dreams. She was not even going to escape him even in her dreams?
Om Namah Shivaya
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