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Feb 28, 2017

SPOTLIGHT: 'FRIENDSHIP: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance' by Francis Mandewah

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“I was inspired to write because of the kindness and generosity of a single American who transformed my life.” - Francis Mandewah

As I got to interact with Francis Mandewah for his spotlight on my blog, I got to know the man behind the book. He shared some incidences along with some of the quotes from the book that became turning points in his life.

He had dropped out of school, was physically beaten by cruel cousin, and badly wanted to go to school, when he came across Tom Johnson. Meeting Tom and taking him to the Catholic school, paying his school fees for the whole year, wearing uniform, boarding home – were all miraculous events in his life that happened beyond his wildest dream.

In other instance, he says God came to his rescue through a good Samaritan, in the middle of the Sahara Desert. He says that he knew that he may never see the old man and his wife who saved his life in the Sahara Desert and considers it to be God’s blessings - God coming to my rescue. However, having to deal and endure the ravages of racism CREATED IMBIVALENCE in him; on one hand, it was a White Man, Tom Johnson his benefactor, who generously gave him opportunity, brought him to America, treated with respect and dignity. He generously gave him sustained support and opportunity so that he could realize his American dream.  On the other hand, it was A White Man who (through racism) took away and caused him to lose his job.

No One Country is immune for human challenges among its diverse peoples; therefore, I work to forgive the acts of the cruel ones and renew, in the interim I renew my commitment to living a full life according to God’s plan for me.” - Francis Mandewah

A social justice advocate, Francis has 14 years of experience as a probation and parole agent with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. He is a member of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Ferguson, Missouri, where he currently resides and works as a counselor at a correctional facility.

I was inspired to write because of the miracle that God performed in my life when I was a 15-year old poor boy in my home country of Sierra Leone, and because a single individual person’s act of kindness and generosity transformed my life forever. I write to appreciate to appreciate gratitude and to be a service to my fellow man, to be an inspiration in other people’s lives, and to give back to humanity through service to my fellow human being.

Having to re-live my past, the writing and re-writing, organizing, etc.

1) On the way I walked in a Haze. I was in shock over the miracle that has just happened in my life” 
2) What did I do to deserve such a blessings? 
3) As I grabbed my bag about to walk to the convoy, I sensed her approaching. I turned and reached out and grabbed both her hands. I bowed and thanked her. She embraced me while tears ran down my cheeks.
4) I have worked to forgive the bad act of the cruel ones, and in the interim I renew my commitment to living full life according to God’s divine plan for me.

Francis says that he likes all these quotes because…
…They were all turning trying times and at the same time turning points in my life.

An African boy from the region made famous by the Hollywood movie “BLOOD DIAMOND” is befriended by an America pilot who was employed by the diamond industry in Sierra Leone to fly boxes of gems and alluvial diamonds from Yengema to Freetown, where a British Airways jet would fly the gemstones to London.  That friendship brought great opportunities and blessings that affirm the boy’s in a God of miracles. But the boy’s journey also brings many trials and tribulations that test the boys courage, strength and endurance. 

This American pilot met and befriended young Francis Mandewah, an impoverished Sierra Leonean boy and gave him generous support that eventually took him to America. Along the way, Francis had many harrowing experiences, including crossing the Sahara Desert, which almost cost him his life. His challenges continued in Europe and other places including Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily-Italy, Greece, Turkey, England and in America. In the end Francis became aware that his real voice that emerged from all his trials and tribulations is one of deep faith, and gratitude for God’s miracles and wonders in his life.

Francis took almost an year to write this book - a story with real potential, a story that the American people yearn to read about, a story that has a targeted market – Christian community, and the wider population. When asked what other thing he likes to do if not writing, he says he will do volunteer work. He would like to work for the Homeless in the soup kitchens, Salvation Army, volunteer his time to the community, be a big brother, mentor at-risks youths. His idea is to give back the support he had, while growing up by being an inspiration to others, be a positive role model.

He loves adventure and travelling to faraway places and experiencing other cultures.  He is an extrovert, easily adaptable and assimilate quickly, loves to travel.

Coming to America and getting education apart from being a service to fellow man.

GENRE: Literature and Mythology

Charles Dickens and Sophocles

TO BUY HIS BOOK “FRIENDSHIP: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance” … CLICK HERE 

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