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Om Namah Shivaya

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Feb 28, 2017

SPOTLIGHT: ‘Rikta' by Manisha Sree

Spotlight is my small effort to support upcoming authors in their effort to reach their readers. And yes, it is FREE, however to be featured in this section, you need to go through a selection process, please click here for details.
“Don’t know who tagged women as devious human beings, they are mostly simpletons" - Manisha Sri

My publisher ‘Story Mirror’ requested my views about ‘Rikta - Towards Completeness’ to be published along with the book, as it falls into the kind of genre I love reading. Fortunately, the book was also released along with my book ‘Kuhase Ke Geet’ at Mumbai University. last month, when I promised Deven Bhai - Founding Partner of Story Mirror, that I will write a proper review as well. After a long tour and many workshops later, finally I could find some time to write about it. So here it is and hope you all will like it.

My interaction with Rikta, over long distance calls from Malaysia, where the author Manisha currently lives, I did realise the passion she has for writing and sharing her stories. Her unique story telling style in simple Hindi/English mix language - coined as Hinglish, makes it a good read. As it comes straight from author inner reflection, I am sure many of the young women will relate to it at a deeper level. Well that does not mean I did not connect as well. I enjoyed reading it and more so my interaction with her, trying to probe her thought process that provides the foundation to her writing.

For me, writing stories is speaking heart, speaking pain and the joy which is dancing around me all the time.” - Manisha Sri

Manish says that 'Rikta' is the story of the emptiness that lies in each of us, with hope that someone, somewhere will be able to complete it and fill the void. 'Rikta' is not merely a story it is like the very life, the air everyone breathes. The characters of 'Rikta' are people like you and me and that makes 'Rikta' a story, not of its characters but ours too. It's a story of a mother's struggle in Mumbai and her discovery of herself.

Manisha Sri is a scientist, did her M-Tech from IIT - Roorkee and went on to work on various Oil Exploring firms like Essar. Before this book, she has also written Zindagi Ke Gullak, based upon her poetry. She also writes for various radio talk shows. She currently lives in Malaysia with her husband and a child.

Life…dancing around me is the only inspiration. I can see all these emotions but when it comes to express my pen is my only lifesaver.

Some characters are really confused. I wanted to sort them out but then the originality comes into challenge. Life is all about confusion and there sorting…. Rikta - the novel is the best example of this.

a.      Tear drops have their own karma; some dry out as drops of salt while some turn out to be precious pearls.
b.     Time cannot stand by too much happiness; it has to intervene.
c.     You cannot question the existence of anything just on the basis of the fact that you haven't ever seen it.
d.     Humans have always been puppets in the hands of the Devas, subjugated and terrorized by the Asuras. But not anymore

Rikta is the story, which I experience around me when I was in Mumbai…. It’s not my story. It’s everyone's story …story of every couple who are struggling for their needs but not understanding there needs…once they understand ….yes, the journey of Rikta is complete.

The perfect setting for her to write is complete silence and peace of mind. In the relative calm of her character’s life dancing around in her mind, she can type away stories, poetry and fiction to her hearts content. Manisha says that she is writing because she cannot shout or raise her voice but her words do that. They are strong and loud too.

When I asked her if some one asked her to stop writing, she responded that she might stop for the world but no one can stop her thought process. She believes that we all have tiny writer living in our hearts, hiding from the outside world. The only difference is that some can express it so they are writing and some only think about it.

I might stop writing and join the different club, in which I will think and store my thought till the time that person will understand that he is taking my breath away by stopping me to write. Trust me if the person is really loveable and respectful he will understand one day and will never let me die. I may stop writing because relations are above dreams. Dreams can be seen and fulfilled later, but not the love.” - Manisha

Given an opportunity and time she would like to write each and every unsaid story and present it to the world. She wants to write that part of love story which is said many times but still some portions are left unheard.

Listen to Manisha speak about her book Rikta... Click here

First is to born as daughter and second is to born as mother.

I love poetry and fiction both

My faviorite books are “Chodah Fere” by Shivani, “Gunaho ka Devta” by Dharmveer Bharti  and “Raseedi Tiket” by Amrita Pritam.

TO BUY HER BOOK “RIKTA - Towards Completeness” … CLICK BELOW
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– by Shashi 
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