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Om Namah Shivaya

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Feb 28, 2017

SPOTLIGHT: The Politics of Unity: An Invitation to the High Road by Michael Cuddehe

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“The wealth of a nation is like the blood in the body. It needs to circulate everywhere in order to maintain optimal health.” Michael Cuddehe

When the author of the book Michael Cuddehe told me that the purpose of "The Politics of Unity" is to enliven Dharma in public life, my interest in his book grew. As I read more and get to know Michael better through my interactions, I realized that the reason he wrote the book is different. Yes there is a mix of ego i.e. get to be known as an ‘Author’ - probably make some money and get invited to talks etc. but more importantly, I believe he wrote the book from the historical perspective and with a political purpose. There is a good mix of Aesthetic enthusiasm as well, which makes the book more readable as well.

Michael Cuddehe is a veteran market analyst, trader and fund manager. He has spent the last 35+ years tracking and analyzing global political and economic developments and is currently the Managing Member of Strategic Global Advisors, LLC. He is the publisher of Risk & Opportunity, a quarterly political and economic newsletter, and the author of "Chronicle of Catastrophe: A Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years."
Mr. Cuddehe has been active in politics as a candidate for U.S. Representative and as a member of the Platform and Executive Committees of the Natural Law Party. He is a Certified Teacher of
The Transcendental Meditation Program, and a founding member of E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), an NRDC affiliate, which works with business leaders dedicated to promoting environmentally sound public policy and business practices.

Purpose – to make a meaningful contribution to Humanity.

Satisfying my editor.

    “The wealth of a nation is like the blood in the body. It needs to circulate everywhere in order to maintain optimal health.”

    “Left/right, conservative/liberal are the left and right legs of the body politic. They are both needed to move forward.”

    “A self-realized individual, giving expression to his/her full potential, will spontaneously live and operate in harmony with natural law, becoming an asset to society. Brick by brick, a society composed of such self-actualized individuals will spontaneously become an ideal society.”     

    “How different our national life would be if the universal perspective of the wholeness of life were a lively backdrop to political process and policy considerations. It would provide a supportive foundation for mutual respect, honorable process, conflict resolution and the crafting of policy solutions meeting the needs of all parties, and society as a whole.”

These quotes summarize the practical application of the principles of balance, transcendence and natural law which, when enlivened, will mark the rise of dharma in public life.

Our technological ascendance is presenting us alternately with the means to create heaven on earth, or to destroy ourselves utterly. The outcome of this transition is dependent on how we organize our affairs and conduct our relationships with each other—our politics.

In 'The Politics of Unity', Michael Cuddehe identifies the primitive thinking, perverse incentives and political dynamics keeping us divided, distracted, and stuck on the low road of endless conflict, and then lays out 10 steps to the restoration of a healthy political process, opening the door to the creation of a better, more sustainable world, utilizing our technology for the good of all.

"The Politics of Unity" is a guide to the high road in the political process; a social blueprint for a better world.

Michael tells me that the first draft of the book was done in 1990 and the final iteration took a year. He thinks of his book as a guide to the high road in the political process; a social blue print for a better world. When asked if he would stop writing if some one asked him to, he says that it is unlikely. If he did, then he would probably continue his focus on markets and trading, and/or teaching. The favorite spot for his writing is his office. The energy of the place and the organization is supportive and he finds no disturbance, which is conducive to his writing style.

He is a world class trader, in 80’s was in top five Commodity Trading Advisor and adds with a smile - a good father as well.

He is currently developing a workshop entitled “Bridging the Partisan Divide: Nonviolent Politics” to offer…
- A model of healthy politics that will produce optimal policy without partisan warfare.
- A method for engaging in constructive dialog with people who disagree with you.
- Understanding of the forces systematically creating division, mistrust and conflict in our society.
- The knowledge and tools needed to neutralize the impact of these forces on your life.

He also plans to begin publishing on his blog to coincide with his workshop.

I am 94% Irish, the balance Scottish and English; grew up in the Navy, moving every few years; went to Catholic school. I love the mountains - have been to Gangotri, Yamunotri and Kedarnath. Met Bichendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest, on the path to Tapovan, after her climb of Shivling mountain. Love the ocean too – lived in Malibu and Laguna Niguel. I am a private pilot, multi-engine and instrument rated; owned a Beechcraft Baron

GENRE: Historical Fiction
Narrative history and historical fiction. Learning about different times and cultures in the context of good storytelling and character development.

City of Thieves about the siege of Leningrad
The Art of Racing in the Rain, for sheer delight.

– by Shashi 
CEO & Partner Interior Contracts Firm ICUBE Projects
Speaker | Author of “Songs of the Mist” & "Kuhase Ke Geet "
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