Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jun 2, 2010

WHISPERS: And The Bell Tolls Forever


You focus on intense words
And me, on the silence within
You shackle your thoughts
With your language
And me, with my need for space within
But you know
I will and you may not
Walk all the way along
As you, my love, will
Fall out of rhythm
And burn out
Chained to the memories of past


A bell tolls
Friends join in to walk
With me to the end of the path
Carrying on heavy shoulders,
This last journey, and
All that was not said
And all that silences
Which will echo forever in our hearts.

Some where,along the way
Silence waits for the desert spaces
To speak up
And break our lives
Into small grains of sand
Which pours within the Hour Glass
Of our togetherness

Some where - a blast-off to distant stars
In the cloud of dust
In the drum beats of
Shiva's Tandav* dance.

Some where, Love alone
Worships the intensity of our togetherness
Truthfulness of our belongingness.
A mute spectator to the "Tandav"* of emotions

Silence some time does sound
In, Our lives like the primordial sound

That reverberates all the life
That has gone by
A bell tolls forever
Calling in lost soul
Or soul mates
To be in the valley of lost flower stars

Tandav is the eternal dance of Lord Shiva, a dance of destruction as well as creation...

Om Namah Shivaya

Submitted to One shot Wednesday Poetry WK 13, 
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Also submitted to Thursday Poets Rally WK 34
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  1. Great mystical words. Enjoyed them.

  2. Enjoyed the message of the first poem, but have to say "AND THE BELL TOLLS FOREVER" is my favorite of the 2. In both I enjoy how you write about a profound silence. cheers

  3. I really loved the first poem a loooots !!!! it was so much wonderful thoughts :)

  4. Enjoyed. I have to say I preferred the first on its simplicity and clarity. Like yr blog, my friend, hope to be back

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad

  5. nice. i really liked the second one....a gentle flow...very nice one shot !

  6. My sweetheart likes to walk in quiet, with me beside him. Because I'm always working at home alone in the silence of my studio or garden, with my animals who speak only with eyes and bodies, I enjoy it when he comes home so I have someone to chat with on our walk. Your poem makes me think of him - he who works all day with people and treasures the quiet walk, patiently puts up with my chatter. Tonight I will give him my mindful silence and tell him it is a gift from a very gifted poet. Thank you Shadow Dancing

  7. @AnthonyNorth: thanks for enjoying the mystical journey

    @Dustus: The primordial sound "OM" plays a very important role in the Hindu Philosophy and I have grown up with the sound of Conch and Mantra's so its kind of ingrained into my psyche. Thanks for liking the verses and the Bell Tolls Forever is something that is within me all the time tolling and letting me know and not to attach myself with things in-transient.

    @John: Yes you guessed it right, this is mantra to universal consciousness from me and from within... where the bell tolls forever...

    @Ladynimue: I must say that I was impressed with you picking out the first one. And I know that only a lady will pick it out, as you know, this is the first time I am writing something from the perspective of a lover who loves me. How she feels when I crowd her with my thoughts, my intense involvement and more intense words. To her, it seems very clear that one can not sustain this kind of intensity forever... thanks for liking it.

    @Luke: Yes Its a simply thought from the one who you love and how she/he simply could not believe that one can sustain it forever. Thanks for liking it.

    @Brian: Thanks for liking the second one too. It has its flow, slowly moving towards an end that always remains there forever...

    @Brokenpenwriter: I am glad that this one inspires you to be with your sweetheart in more ways than one of talk. I have always believed that when the silence between two people is comfortable then the true love comes... As said above in the note to Lady, I was kind of interested who feels it and was happy that women of the group saw it as it echoed their words I guess... which comes hard from men.

    I am happy that this has come to you as a gift and I am grateful for you liking it.. and enjoying it.

    Thanks to all, once again for reading this one shot.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Beautiful words of silence... there is a peacefulness there, like your mantra... so nice. Heartspell

  9. Thanks Heartspell, for appreciation...
    The peace is always there within, I am just bringing it out in my words, sharing and living it... Just like mantra's that bring out the innerself manifested in real presence...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  10. And the bell tolls forever...I loved it so much. I also felt a peacefulness here...thanks for sharing my friend x

  11. Thanks Buttercup, for your appreciations. I have enjoyed reading your poetry and your words mean a lot to me...
    Some of my poetry is about a prayer, an offer to receive blessings and some times a chanting for peace...
    Thanks once again..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  12. Wow! An amazing one-shot!

    I really loved the first poem.
    Thnks for sharing

  13. Thanks Lu Ann for loving this one verse... Hope to see you here on the blog more... Thanks again.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  14. Absolutely beautiful. I love both your poems. You really have a way with words!

  15. Your poems are always beautiful and captivating.


  16. Love the Tandav!! :)

    A mute spectator to the "Tandav"* of emotions

  17. Silence some time does sound
    In, Our lives like the primordial sound..

    love the entry here, skillful writing, Thanks a lot for the contribution to poets rally.
    have fun!

  18. The first poem was fantastic. The second was incomprehensible to me. But that is my weakness not yours.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Such sadness, and such balance in all you write here, Shashi. Your analogy of the spiritual quest and Shiva's eternal dance of making and unmaking was very effective, but there is something also to be said for the directness and simplicity of the first poem. I'm glad you wrote both, so I don't have to pick. ;-)

  20. Fabulous work again...
    Thanks for sharing :)

  21. Two beautiful odes that touch on the importance of silence in our lives and the reality that we are essentially alone on this life's journey and yet one with the All.

  22. Very beautiful imagination..
    Take a look on my poetry..

  23. Very moving words.


  24. A great strong write!


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