Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

I'll be grateful if you...

Jun 13, 2010


Today is the day when my father passed away four years back and I wrote these words in my blog four years back, when I heard about his passing on while I was in training in Bangalore. I still have the same raw emotions in my heart and these words still bring on the pain.


He was there when I took my first steps
He was there when I fell down and cried
He was there when the only thing I did
Was to suffer and make him cry too
He was even there when
I got up to leave
Him all alone
He came to drop me off, with a smile

Now, he is knocking on heavens door
And I am far away, holding my breath
Waiting and watching him
To take his last few left
Though ventilators have taken over
Within the watch full eyes of
My young doctor brother
And I fear the ring of my mobile
My brother gave him only
50-50 Chance
And promised to call me
When the other 50% chance
Turns into 100%

My thoughts, my fears
Have now transformed into chanting of my soul
With each breath
His thought comes
And He smiles
Watching me holding my breath
While He waits upon the threshhold
Counting on and on
Knocking on heavens doors

Now I smile

The valley silently
Unfolded herself
As you walked across
To sit besides me
And smile

The birds talked to
Tall and silent Deodar Trees
In their melodious songs
And you reached out
To hold my hand

Looking through the setting sun
Smiling through the distant stars
Whispering to me
In the bird songs
That you missed me

And I turned around
To find you
Far away from me
I could still kiss you

I have enjoyed reading Haiku's and love the way those paint pictures with words, so here are few of them of my own, let me know if you see the picture. I usually dont follow the strict rules of the japanese style of haiku's and take writers liberty so I hope the purists here would not mind it. Click here to know more about HAIKU

She throws her legs
My dreams

Between bites
Her eyes find me
I reach out to remove a crumb from her lips
Om Namah Shivaya
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