Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 13, 2010

DESIGN STREET: Wild and Interesting Designer Tables

I came across a very interesting array of table designs at the Dark Roasted Blend website. This intrigued me a lot, hence thought of sharing this with you all. Very interesting and wild table designs.. 
Trinity is a variant of the award-winning 'Infinity + 1' table, 
designed by Jason Heap:

Another interesting "Infinity Table" based on the well-known symbol of infinity, 
can be seen here 

Infinity Mirror Table (also seen above right) can be quite mesmerizing 
for those looking deep into it

 Famous Fractal Table, by Takeshi Myiakawa:

 The Grand Illusion appears to be a transparent tablecloth hovering in mid-air... 

The Ripple Tables by Lee Rowland 
(careful with this glass splash in the middle!) 

This Bloody Table, by John Nouanesing, is positively dripping with menace... 
The "drip" table legs are part of the illusion, and yet they are fully functional – 
this table is likely more stable than it first appears

Finally, truly an ALIEN piece of furniture (more info)

The images and info curtsey ... and this is not the end of it... To visit few out of the world designs ... click here...

ॐ नमः शिवाय 
Om Namah Shivaya


  1. These tables are beautifully made. It's awesome to see creative forces at work in other mediums. Shashi, thanks for sharing.

  2. these are amazing, truly.

  3. oh, my goodness! I think I like the 'Grand Illusion' the most but they are all amazing!
    what creative genius!

  4. What an amazing bunch of tables!! Without photos, I would've thought they only existed in fables. :o)

    If you're looking for new readers, try sharing your links on my forum. To those who try out Smiley Sociology, I promise not to ignore them. :o)

    Smiley Sociology on Rhyme Me a Smile

  5. the artwork. incredible creativity!

  6. I never thought tables could be so interesting! Tables AND works of art. Wow....


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