Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 13, 2010

WHISPERS: Butterfly

Some free form Haiku’s below for 
Poetry Potluck at Jingle's
as writing haiku's have been my passion for ages now...

Beauty of flower
Opened my heart
Butterflies of love

Clothed in beauty
Little lilies strut around in breeze
How beautifully God clothed me within

How the insignificant range of sense
The infinite soul

This poetry is one of the collections of poetry I am writing, called “Kalina” about a small girl and her world, her feelings her thoughts. ‘Butterfly’ was submitted to ‘One Stop Poetry’ for the competition “Through a Child’s Eyes” and was selected as one of the finalist. Click here to read the article…

I have edited this one below after submission; hence here you have the latest version


Look, there she is
There on the window pane
A new friend from the dreams last night
She promised to teach me
How to fly, where ever, whenever
In sunshine or rain

How bright and beautiful, she is
Pinker than my ma’s cheek
Her little wings have so many colors
Like the rainbow
I painted last summer, for my Pa’s Birthday
Before he left for the war,
You know, to make money for us to eat

Tell me butterfly,
How does one eat money?
How does one go to the war?
I don’t want Pa to go to the war;
I don’t want any money to eat; At all
You know, whenever I hug him,
I don’t feel hungry,
God Swear, not at all

Oh! Butterfly!!
Why are you flying away
Going so far?
See, out side, the day is still full of light;
Sure you can wait a little more?
Promise, Ma will be back soon,
From her nightshift,
And, sure she will let you in
Don’t you see, I can not;
I am in the bed,
Too sick to let you in

Butterfly, my dear Butterfly,
You really have to teach me how to fly
Before you came in my dreams
I promised Pa - a hug tonight,
I know where he “wars” now;
Ma showed me the other night,
When she cried,
“There, Kalina, there he is, in the sky
That beautiful bright Evening Star”

You know Butterfly;
I love him so much,
Much more than I love Ma,
You must teach me to fly,
As I have to go today,
Yesterday, Pa told me
Its time now
Here you see
My Ma does not even smile much

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

The above Haiku’s I am submitting to Poetry Potluck about Passion at Jingle


  1. So many beautiful works, I feel inspired! Butterflies! Anything for butterflies!
    Happy Poetry Potluck =D

  2. loved the Haiku, Shashi! 'How beautifully God clothed me within' this line resonates with me

    your words are always so beautiful enjoyed your poems very much.

    congrats on 'Butterfly' being one of the finalist! the best to you! :) Amazing write!

  3. beautiful,
    love the image of a butterfly.
    Thanks for sharing with potluck poetry.


  4. Shashi, your photos and haikus are terrific. You truly have talent for capturing deep thoughts.

    I can see why your poem "Butterfly" was in the finalist group. It's a beautiful and sad poem. Lovely.

  5. The symmetry in the top flower photo is striking, and matches the balance of emotion and peace in your words. Loved reading your work, as always, and congratulations on the inclusion of your fine poem in the 'Child's Eye' finalists.

  6. Enchanting! :) I enjoyed the image as well, thanks

  7. Shashi--I so love the third short haiku, beginning:

    "How the insignificant range of sense..."

    My goodness, you've summed up the WHOLE of modern life with just three short lines...

  8. This is beautiful and refreshing to read. There are so many layers expressed so simply.

  9. so very beautiful...i love this form very much -- i crave the depth of the simplicity....

    fabulous, really fabulous

  10. Absolutely beautiful Shashi! Enjoyed every poem!

  11. Heart rending poem, the Butterfly...beautiful Shashi. I like your Haiku too, and the photos. Gorgeous post for Potluck. Congratulations on your
    poem being chosen as a finalist. :))

  12. How could I not like butterflies? Beautiful words and photos. As always your poems are outstanding!

  13. Such beautiful imagery! How lovely!

  14. Your mastery of the art always stuns me!

  15. Fantastic Shashi
    Thoughts conveyed too deep meanings.

  16. life, fragile as a butterfly. loved the poem. definitely poignant. you have really perfected this art Sakha:)

  17. Thanks every one, please check my new posting about my trip to Rishikesh through "Gateway Buddha - A spiritual journey through Rishikesh" with some interesting images again...

    Om Namah Shivaya


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