Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Dec 7, 2011

WHISPERS: Buddha Song...

This is a collection inspired by my recent visit to Bodh Gaya in India – This is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, while meditating under a Boddhi Tree, almost 2600 years ago. (If you would like to walk with me in those footsteps of Buddha, please click here...)

Sitting under that Boddhi Tree, I had some thoughts about love, life and living. The Haiku below are some of those expressions. The longer verse ‘Buddha Song’ is entwined echoes of two different feelings that played within me... at the time

Some flowers, flower
Too late
Buddha passes by, in living

Buddha: in love, there is suffering
Suffering: in Buddha, there is love
Love: in Suffering, there is Buddha

In ocean of life, waves upon waves
Form & unform, Birth and death
Water remains, still like Buddha smile

Silence precipitated in winter mist
All around the Boddhi tree
The dark haze of emptiness
Softened the foot falls of
Falling leaves
To know the reality of being
Buddha emptied himself
Of all knowing

As my longing rose up to merge
With darkening horizon of her passions
A red sun, sets

The roots creep up to the lonely figure,
Sitting within echoes of his past, and bit by little bit
Sucked out the memories of love and suffering
The lotus flowered from the stillness of pond
Boddhi tree unfurled fresh leaves of
Living, fluttering aimlessly
Among the cold stars
Milky Way is not a path

Her soft pearls of laughter lay scattered
In the withering night, bouncing off from
My earthly desires

Universe unfolded itself
Descending from the heavens to earth
Frail branches wove into the cosmic fibre
And the lightning struck as Buddha smiled
Somewhere, in the stillness of the pond
Lotus flower wonders
What life is, if not nothing?
An emptiness of living without flowering

Soul flowers
When lips whisper
Shashi @ 2011

This is submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night WK 21, if you would like to read really some great talented poets as well as add your own, please click here....

नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. Very nice post and was reminded of my visit to this serene place

  2. excellent last line in your long form...the highlight for me today is the middle one of your short form...the same words repeated in different perspectives....i like much...

  3. Just an absolutely beautiful post and pulls forward the emotion of the moment. Lovely ~ Rose

  4. These are gorgeous...and I love the second stanza of your first pieces! that was pretty brilliant :)

  5. great thoughts!
    love these Haiku (which, I guess, Buddistically, both singular & plural)

    the reality of being…first lose all knowledge…

    a sunset is indeed passionate -- as is a rising.

    you've animated the unfurling of the leaves & blossoming of the flowers.

    I can hear her soft, sweet laughter too!

    What life is, if not nothing?
    An emptiness of living without flowering
    >>> but Suffering!

    wonderful poems. thank you.

  6. Lovely post. I loved the pictures. :)

  7. Sashi, I always find spiritual nourishment here, but this is one of your best. I will sit with it for awhile.

  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful,thought provoking post :)

  9. Soul flowers
    When lips whisper
    Love... this makes me all sigh and warm...also loved esp. your second love there is suffering - and the different me food to think...

  10. I really like this. It has a serenity that ties together the pieces of intimacy thatbyou let us see. The way they are strung together evokes an endearing sense of wholeness that belies the fractured mirror thru which we glimpse you.


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