Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

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Jan 18, 2012

WHISPERS: Haiku on How I write Poetry and A Door Firmly Shut

Sharing some Haiku on how I write poetry and a longer verse “A Door Firmly Shut On The Living...”
In Chinese Garden - 2007

When love is stark white
And silent
Blood drops perfectly in place
With white empty pages, I met
On the path of living – Love
Now it’s soaking wet – Blood red
With bit of madness
Still left within, I bleed
Red words on dark white pages

Holy River Ganges in Rishikesh

A Door Firmly Shut...
The river cleaves mountain’s heart
And leaves
In murmurs of wild stream
Flowing away to cold depths of living
An ocean of memories hides
Behind the distant fragrance of dream

There must be a heart dying somewhere
As many suns rise
And many moons softly fade
Into oblivion
How does it matter
If mountains crumble around
You are hinged to living
For just another sun to shine
Just another moon to die
On the little ripples of last river’s night.

Stripped down to its bare soul
Casting all the attachments of living
Along its shore
An unknown path, river unfolds
Shards of life settle appropriately
Bleeding every color of red
Deeper in the pain, I plunge
Above, A red little boat drifts alone

Solitude is a company
Poverty of love is my wealth
A door firmly shut on the living
Shashi @ 18th Jan 2012

This is submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night WK 27, if you would like to read really some great talented poets as well as add your own, please click here....

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Om Namah Shivaya

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  1. The first one was a bit haunting, nicely done! The second was great too, but the first really stuck out.

  2. "You are hinged to living
    For just another sun to shine
    Just another moon to die
    On the little ripples of last river’s night."

    love these lines.

  3. nice contradictions in the close of your long piece...poverty of love is never easy...painful actually...

    and like the contrast too in your last haiku...the dark white page...bleed on shashi

  4. I like thevway you have stitched these disparate moments together. The longer last poem seems like a commentary on the first haiku. Interesting.

  5. It's sad but, beautiful. I had to learn that if you have shared love and that love has left us, for any reason, we must revel in the joy of knowing that we had that, even if it left us. Because once love exists it can never die. One door may close but, there is a reason for it and this person is not seeing other doors and windows open ahead. It's such a beautiful piece but, everything happens the way it happens for a reason, to teach us something. I love the images you painted in both pieces.

  6. great...enjoyed the red thread, running through the haikus and the poem..great texture and good work with the contrasts here...enjoyed..

  7. Shashi, these two pieces are outstanding. Love A door firmly shut and the first haiku stanza on poetry is really hitting the nail on the head, love it. Thanks

  8. Your words always help me to center. Your wonderful haikus are brilliant and lead us thru your process, and I truly enjoyed the longer write. You are a master of emotion to whom I humbly bow!

  9. The haikus really stood out for me. I am still thinking on them. Great images all the way around, but this keeps rolling in my mind,

    "When love is stark white
    And silent
    Blood drops perfectly in place"


  10. Your haiku are beautiful...both the haiku and the longer piece are stitched together with red. Emotions run powerfully throughout each poem. Nice work!

  11. amazing play of contrasts and contradictions ... and the red blood thread runs all through ... very beautiful.

  12. I liked the way you tied your haiku together with the red/blood theme. Your longer poem was hauntingly beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful with all the colours..but the I like the last verses best ~

  14. such lovely, heartbreaking imagery. loved that third haiku especially, and the line "There must be a heart dying somewhere" in particular.

  15. There is definitely something mysterious and stark about blood on white but not all can capture the feeling so well as you have here.

    Great photos too. Pretty lady in a Chinese garden is wonderful. I like the angle of her face. And her colorful Crocs!


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